Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (2023)

Whether or not you plan to leave your vehicle overnight affects the overall cost of car insurance. Where do you park your car overnight? We do overnight parking in all of the locations listed below and cover all the factors involved and what you need to be aware of.

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Where can you park overnight?

Costco and other major retailers

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Costco is another popular overnight parking option. Larger parking lots are easier to maneuver with longer trailers. Large cities often have laws prohibiting overnight stays or camping. Overnight parking is generally safe in small towns and rural areas. You don't need a subscription to stay overnight in the car park.


Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (2)
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Several campgrounds still allow overnight parking in their lots, but many have started banning it. Some camps have also provided free water and electricity connections in the past. If the campsite does not allow overnight stays in your parking lot, you can generally park on the street (municipal property) as long as there is no "No Parking" sign. Normally, Camping World staff will assume that you are early for service and will not question this.

Cabela's and Bass Pro Stores

The two major sporting goods chains are now owned by Bass Pro stores. Overnight parking is permitted at Cabela and Bass Pro stores. In general, it's okay for a site to own its own land. However, places where properties are leased to property management companies often have policing and security issues.


Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (4)

The Cracker Barrel Restaurant has become a popular place to stay. Most places don't mind you parking overnight. However, most cookie drop locations have small parking lots. Keep in mind that most cookie keg business is like breakfast, which means you might find your team overwhelmed with other customers. The Cookie Bucket usually opens at 8am, so if you can get out before that's fine.

building materials stores

Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (5)

Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and other hardware store chains are often popular options for overnight parking. Like Walmart, the store itself usually doesn't care. However, these cities may have laws prohibiting sleeping or camping in cars. Hardware stores are popular because they open early, so security or the police might think you were early when the store opened. Most hardware stores open at 5am. Lowes, Menards and others often open their doors.

24-hour gyms

Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (6)

Many gyms are open 24 hours a day. 24-Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, and Planet Fitness are popular options for overnight parking. These locations have smaller parking lots, so larger trailers may not be a good option for parking here. Because these gyms are open 24/7, parking lot patrols and security guards don't know if you're sleeping or working out in the car.

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You can often scan Google Maps "Satellite View" to find empty landfills. Many of these lots are unfenced, allowing trucks to park overnight. You can often find them on the outskirts of town. Although these parcels are privately owned, they are rarely enforced. These lots exist because they are planned for future development, but the owners are waiting until the local economy improves before proceeding.

truck stops

Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (8)

Some Autohöfe have longer parking lanes for trailers. These lots are usually far from the truck parks and often offer free overnight parking. If you have a small trailer or van you can usually stay in the smaller garage. At some truck stops you can park your trailer in the truck yard. Many of them charge a fee. However, some truck stops simply have a large dump where trucks can park for free. Trailers can often also be parked there.

Street parking

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If a section of pavement doesn't have a "No Parking" sign and the pavement isn't painted red, yellow, or some other color, you can legally sleep there. However, that doesn't mean you can sleep in that car or trailer.

It is generally forbidden to sleep in a car in most large and medium-sized cities. However, some cities have established areas that allow overnight stays, often in dry parts of the city.

But if it looks like nobody is in the car, the police will let you go. To do this, make sure that no light enters through the windows at night. Block with Reflectix. close doors and windows. Do not start the generator. Do not play music or TV at high volume.

Areas of the city designated as "industrial" are ideal for parking. That's because industrial parks rely on a constant flow of trucks to move materials and finished products. Overnight trucks are common on these roads, and parking authorities typically do not patrol these areas. Cul-de-sacs in commercial areas are better because there is less traffic.

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Also, keep in mind that park rangers usually stop working after 6:00 p.m. p.m., but they resume work at 6:00 a.m. M. So if you can arrive after 6pm. M. and leave before 6:00 a.m. m., you can usually park in a "no driving zone".


Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (10)

Most casinos have large parking lots and many have reserved spaces for RVs and trucks. Most of them don't mind you parking overnight. Many even allow a stay of up to three nights. Some people have their own trailer parks that cost money to run. Despite this, these casinos often allow you to spend the night in their regular parking lot, if only for one night.

Note: Be careful with the parking pickup. These drivers act as the eyes and ears of the casino parking lot. Casino attendants often rely on them to know which RVs are staying too long and which aren't using the casino. If you plan to stay a few nights, be sure to take the bus from the parking lot to the casino. Ask the driver if you're staying a few nights and what safety concerns you might have. Make sure to tip the driver, he'll probably have a good word for you.

Rest stops and travel centers

Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (11)

All states allow you to sleep in a car or trailer at a rest area. However, many states have deadlines for residency. Some limits are as little as two hours, while others are a full 24 hours. Many other states have no restrictions at all. For a breakdown of time limits by state, see "How long can you stay at the rest area?".

Most states do not address overnight parking at rest areas, instead imposing time restrictions. However, since all rest areas are open 24 hours a day, you can still arrive at the rest areas at night and stay at the specified time (which may be overnight). Camping and overnight parking are often seen as two different things, camping is recreation and overnight parking is a road safety issue.

train stations

Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (12)

If you are traveling with a small motorhome or van, you can usually stay overnight at the station. Most passenger trains run 24 hours a day. Therefore, car parks at train stations are usually open 24 hours a day. Even travelers who work the night shift often park at the station and return the next morning. Keep in mind that some train stations charge for parking, but most still don't.

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Walmart and Sam's Club

Where should I park my car overnight? 13 parking spaces - parking logic (13)

Most Walmart and Sam's Club stores allow overnight parking, but the cities in which they are located may not allow it. In big cities, there are often laws that prohibit sleeping or camping in the car. When you're in an RV, they'll think you're "camping". Meanwhile, Walmarts in small towns or rural areas can usually safely park overnight. It's a good idea to call Walmart to ask about their overnight parking policy, but we've found that depending on who you speak to, the store manager or assistant manager, you often get a different answer. Walmart, which is open 24 hours a day, is better because it's harder for security or law enforcement to determine if you're staying the night or parking to shop.

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How to reduce the risks of overnight parking

When parking at night there are a few things you can do to protect your car from thieves and vandals.

It might be a good idea to install motion sensor activated security lights on your garage door or driveway. This won't reduce the cost of your auto insurance policy, but it will at least deter thieves and vandals and improve the overall security of your car, making it less likely that you'll have to file a claim.

Another quick way to improve your car security is to keep your keys safe at home. Most burglars know to look in obvious places near the front door. So if you have your keys somewhere else, it's difficult to find them. If thieves find them, read our guide on what to do if you lose your car keys.

If you park your car on the street, try parking under a utility pole to deter would-be thieves, and consider installing an anti-theft device or siren in your car if you don't already have one.


You can spend the night at Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, Home Depot, Camping World, and several other major department stores. You can also park on most city streets as long as you don't see "No Parking" signs. A seating area is also a good option. Most stores don't mind parking in the lot overnight. It is often the city that enacts laws prohibiting overnight parking or "camping". Occasionally, the owners impose nighttime bans.

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What is the answer to the parking lot riddle? ›

Brain Teaser Answer

In this brain puzzle, all you had to do was to look at the image in reverse. By doing that, you will see that the numbers are written in sequence in the parking lots - 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, and 91. So, the answer to the riddle is 87. The Car is Parked in the 87 Number Slot.

How do you solve a parking space problem? ›

Parking problems and solutions
  1. Increase parking supply. ...
  2. Establish minimum parking requirements. ...
  3. Increase on-street/curbside parking provision. ...
  4. Increasing on-street parking. ...
  5. Subsidizing off-street parking. ...
  6. Adding overflow facilities.
  7. Use of mechanisation.

How do I calculate how many parking spaces I need? ›

Find your parking ratio by dividing the number of spaces by the building's square footage (in thousands). For instance, take a 40,000-square-foot building with a 200-space parking lot. Divide 200 (spaces) by 40 (thousand square feet) to find a parking ratio of 5 spaces per 1,000 square feet.

What are the three types of parking spaces? ›

For most motorised vehicles, there are three commonly used arrangements of parking spaces—parallel parking, perpendicular parking, and angle parking.

How do you answer the riddle? ›

To solve a riddle, you will need to consider both the literal and the potential meanings of the words. For example, this riddle asks: “What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?” (Answer: a towel.) Even though the actions seem contradictory, a towel does dry things and get wet as it dries those things.

What is a parking lot for questions? ›

Definition: A parking lot is a place to capture comments, topics, or questions that are not related to the agenda. It keeps the focus on the immediate discussion while deferring (i.e., “parking”) other topics for later. A parking lot captures discussion topics not related to the agenda.

How do you park a car in a parking space? ›

11 Parking Tips
  1. Find a suitable space. ...
  2. Check your mirrors. ...
  3. Indicate where you're parking. ...
  4. Position the car in a good angle. ...
  5. Align your door mirror in the centre of the space but one from where you want to park. ...
  6. Align your car's rear for a smooth reverse. ...
  7. Check that the front of your car is clear.

How do you calculate spaces? ›

The basic volume calculation is length × width × height. It doesn't matter which side you call what - the important thing is that all three are multiplied together. As an example: A box that is 20cm width, 15cm long and 10 cm height has a volume of: 20 × 15 × 10 = 3000 cm cubed.

How many square feet is a 200 car parking lot? ›

If you have 200 parking spaces in your lot, you will need 20 rows (20 x 64 = 1,280) or 3,840 square feet (200 x 64).

What is the standard size of a car parking space? ›

For perpendicular or angled parking spaces, the length is commonly 16 feet to 18 feet. Meanwhile, the standard width is 7.9 feet to 9 feet. For parallel parking spaces, the standard width is 7.9 feet while the standard length is 20 feet. They are usually marked 6.9 feet to 7.9 feet.

What is the best type of parking space? ›

Perpendicular 90 degree parking, otherwise known as straight parking, is the standard option for a parking lot. Choosing a 90 degree layout ensures that your customers will most likely be familiar with the flow of your lot. These layouts are also simple to design for maximum accessibility.

What are the 4 types of parking? ›

Types of Parking Available in India
  • On the street parking. On-street parking refers to automobiles parked along the sides of the road. ...
  • Off the street Parking. ...
  • Parallel parking. ...
  • 30 Degree Parking. ...
  • 45 Degree Parking. ...
  • 60 Degree Parking. ...
  • Parking at a Right Angle. ...
  • Car Parking on Multiple Levels.

How do you design a parking layout? ›

A Six-Step Guide to Parking Lot Design
  1. Identify the Purpose of Your Lot. ...
  2. Do the Math: Sizing and Spacing. ...
  3. Create a Flow: Parking Layout Design Guidelines. ...
  4. Design for Safety: Parking Lot Security Provisions. ...
  5. Take It Up a Notch: Other Design Elements to Consider. ...
  6. Design for the Long Run: Asphalt Maintenance Solutions.

What can fly but no wings? ›

A flying squirrel or sugar glider technically don't have actual wings just flaps of skin and can fly. Some forms of tree snakes can glide without wings.

What can fly without wings? ›

The answer to the “what flies without wings” riddle is “time”.

What can run but can't walk? ›

Answer: A River!

What is the most efficient parking lot layout? ›

Ideally, parking lots should be rectangular with parking on both sides of access aisles. For two-way traffic flow, parking spaces perpendicular (90 degrees) to the aisles provide the most efficient design. The efficiency decreases as the parking angle decreases.

What does it mean when someone asks if you validate parking? ›

What does 'validate parking' mean? Validated Parking is free or discounted parking at a paid parking lot, usually offered as a perk by businesses to their customers. If a business validates parking, you can park for free or a discount at a nearby parking lot after you shop, dine, make an appointment with them.

What do you call the thing in parking lots? ›

Also known as curb stops or parking blocks, wheelstops are the small barriers used at the end of parking spaces to assist attentive drivers with parking their vehicles; wheelstops are also consistently identified as pedestrian tripping hazards.

What is the easiest parking technique? ›

  1. Position your car. Slowly steer your car so that it is parallel to the car parked in front of the empty space. ...
  2. Check your mirrors. ...
  3. Start backing up. ...
  4. Straighten the steering wheel. ...
  5. Begin turning your steering wheel to the left. ...
  6. Check how close you are. ...
  7. Adjust your position. ...
  8. Don't forget to pay before you leave.

How do you make a car easier to find in a parking lot? ›

If you want something that's easier to spot than an antenna topper, you can put a flag on your car. Car flags attach at the top of the door and are prominent so that you can easily find your car even in the fullest parking lot.

How do you make smart parking? ›

Smart Parking System
  1. Introduction: Smart Parking System. ...
  2. Step 1: Things Used in This Project. ...
  3. Step 2: Making a New Device in Artik Cloud Platform. ...
  4. Step 3: Making Rule in Artik Cloud. ...
  5. Step 4: Preparing Arduino. ...
  6. Step 5: Connecting the Ultrasonic Sensors. ...
  7. Step 6: Preparing Raspberry Pi. ...
  8. Step 7: Preparing Intel Edison.

How do you increase safety in a parking lot? ›

Tips to Help Keep Employees and Visitors Safe in Parking Lots
  1. Keep walking surfaces free of tripping hazards. Trips due to parking curbs are a frequent cause of injury. ...
  2. Install and maintain handrails. ...
  3. Maintain proper drainage. ...
  4. Install clear signage. ...
  5. Maintain premises security. ...
  6. Create a regular maintenance program.

How do you park with little spaces? ›

Turn your steering wheel toward the space you want to park in and slowly begin pulling in. Your turn signal should still be on at this point. It will likely turn itself off soon as you continue turning the wheel. Continue turning the wheel as you drive forward into the parking space.

How does parked car location work? ›

With Parked Car Locator(Opens in a new window), Android users can tap the compass icon to zoom in on your current location. Tap the Park Here button and tap OK to set your parking. When it's time to find your car, just open the app and follow the arrow to find your car.

How big is a 12x12 space? ›

So if a bedroom is 12 feet wide and 12 feet long, it is 144 square feet total (12 x 12 = 144 sqft). Basically, the square footage of the room is the total area or size of the space.

How many square feet is 15 feet? ›

The square footage of a room 15 feet wide and 15 feet long is 225 square feet. The square footage is calculated by multiplying the width (15 ft) by the length (15 ft).

What is the area of a space? ›

The area is the two-dimensional amount of space that an object occupies. Area is measured along the surface of an object and has dimensions of length squared; for example, square feet of material, or centimeters squared.

What is the car parking area for 200 cars? ›

Typical parking lot design used for calculations for 200 cars (area of parking lot for 200 cars as per above model (refer to Figure 21) = 91,945 sq ft).

How wide is the average car? ›

Average car width

According to VEHQ, the average width of a car is 5.8 feet. Vehicle widths usually vary due to aerodynamic performance or added safety features.

How long is a car length? ›

Typically, the average length of a car is around 14.7 feet. Different manufacturers and models will have varying car sizes, and standard automobiles and trucks are typically between 10-18 feet long. A midsize sedan is around 14 feet long, while a smaller car like a Mini Cooper will be about 10 feet long.

Is 7 feet enough for car parking? ›

Depends on how much space is there in front of the garage space. 7 ft width is very restrictive and you should go for cars no bigger than Hyundai i10. If you can drive in straight without need to manoeuvre then 7 ft can be managed.

Is 6 feet enough for car parking? ›

Yes, you can park, but it will be a difficult task, as the width of Wagon R is 4.9 feet. You would need to move your car many times back and forth to square-up within the parking space. Also you may need to close both ORVMs.

Is there a minimum size for a car parking space? ›

There is no legal minimum for the size of parking bays. There is however a size standard for car park bays. This was specified by the government in 1994. It says that as a minimum, parking bays should be 4.8 metres long by 2.4m wide.

What is the safest parking spot? ›

If you can't find a pull-through, the next best thing is a parking spot to the driver's left, as it provides the best visibility when backing out. Of course, you also want to make sure that spot is in a safe, well-lit place and that you feel comfortable walking from your car to your destination.

What is the safest type of parking? ›

Driver safety does not stop in the parking lot.

Research shows that parking lots are hazardous places. Tight corners, crowded lanes and distracted drivers make a dangerous combination. Reverse parking can help.

What is the most difficult type of parking? ›

Did you know? 34% of drivers find parallel parking the most difficult parking technique. 8% of drivers admit to bumping the car in front or behind while parallel parking.

How many types of parking are there in a car? ›

Types of parking

There are three types of legal parking you should be concerned with: parallel parking, bay parking, also known as perpendicular parking, and angle parking.

Where cars are parked is called? ›

A parking lot (American English) or car park (British English), also known as a car lot, is a cleared area intended for parking vehicles. The term usually refers to an area dedicated only for parking, with a durable or semi-durable surface.

What is the best material for a parking lot? ›

Asphalt: Functional, durable and cost-effective, asphalt is probably the most popular parking lot material in both homes and businesses across the country. An asphalt parking lot is installed in a shorter amount of time, and, when maintained properly, it can last up to 20 years.

What is the parking lot method? ›

'Parking lot' is a project management technique used to keep a team meeting on track. If a group conversation is in danger of veering off-topic, you could put that particular topic in the hypothetical parking lot. That way, you are 'parking' it for later so your team can focus on the more pressing issues.

What is the number of the parking space 16 06 68 answer? ›

The car is parked on parking lot number "87". The abovementioned riddle is very witty one and test the persons abilities rather than their knowledge. The answer to this question very easy and can be used in many tests alike. The number 87 is missing from then sequence, hence the car was parked in lot number 87.

What is the thing in the parking lot? ›

Parking blocks have many different names. Depending on the manufacturer and region, you can call them parking blocks, parking stops, curb stops, and more. No matter the name, the parking block is the concrete or rubber stop installed at the head of parking spaces across the country.

What is the best parking layout? ›

Ideally, parking lots should be rectangular with parking on both sides of access aisles. For two-way traffic flow, parking spaces perpendicular (90 degrees) to the aisles provide the most efficient design. The efficiency decreases as the parking angle decreases.

What's the number of the parking space puzzle? ›

The Guardian traced it to legendary puzzle author David Bodycombe. The answer is 87!

What is the answer to the riddle 16 06 68? ›

Originally Answered: 16,06,68,88,x,98. What is x? The answer is not 78 or 87, it's actually L8. It's quite obvious really if you look at the screen upside down.

How are parking spaces measured? ›

In North America, the standard parking space dimensions range between 8.5 to 9 feet wide by 18 feet long. Parking lot aisles will have a space between rows ranging between 14 to 24 feet, depending on whether they're a one-way or a two-way aisle.

What is always in front of you but can't be seen? ›

Expert-Verified Answer

The correct answer is The future. Explanation: This question is based on Riddle.

What is a hidden phone number? ›

A hidden number can also be known as a 'private number' - or any call that rings through, but does not show the number. Hidden numbers cannot be identified by Truecaller, unfortunately.

How do I view a hidden number? ›

The first one is *69, which traces the number of the last person who called you. It works even for anonymous or hidden calls, so you can get the phone number and the exact time they called.

What is a parking lot called? ›

A parking lot (American English) or car park (British English), also known as a car lot, is a cleared area intended for parking vehicles. The term usually refers to an area dedicated only for parking, with a durable or semi-durable surface.


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