Top 11 Plumbers in Singapore (Profiles, Reviews) [Updated 2023] (2023)

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Top 11 Plumbers in Singapore (with Reviews) [Updated 2023]

The 11 Best Plumbing Companies in Singapore (Our Top Picks)

plumbing cost calculator

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The list of costs for plumbing work in Singapore

What are common installation mistakes to avoid?

Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

How can I maximize my plumbing savings?

do-it-yourself plumbing tips

Types of plumbing available


How to choose a trusted plumber

Questions before hiring plumbers

Installer license in Singapore

Top 11 Plumbers in Singapore (Profiles, Reviews) [Updated 2023] (1)

Homees offers a directory of the best plumbers in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of plumbers that can meet your household needs. When faced with a broken pipe, dripping faucet, or clogged drains, the first thing homeowners do is call a local plumber.

The 11 Best Plumbing Companies in Singapore (Our Top Picks)



where do you find

Concierge service Homees

Homees Concierge Service Team - Tell us what you need and we will help you solve it. Talk to us today by calling or WhatsApping us now.

994 Bendemeer #03-04 Singapur 339943

mr plumber sg


-Shocks and plumbing repairs

- Installation/replacement and repair of plumbing

- Leaks in pipes and pipe repairs.

1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07A Cingapura 169201

Reno Guys Pte Ltd


- Interior design
- Additions and reforms
- Kitchen reform
- Reform of the bathroom.
- Fountain

71 Woodlands Ave 10 Woodlands Industrial Xchange #07-18 Singapura 737743

my plumber



- Filtration


N / D

Jaystone Renovation Company


- Reform consultancy services.
- Reform of the bathroom.
- Kitchen reform
- Waterproof
- Installation

1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07N Singapura 169201

Everything works


- Air-conditioning
- plumber
- Electrician
- Makes everything

1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07 Cingapura 169201

yeobuild home repair


- Plumbing repair
- Repair of water heaters
- employment services
- Fountain

5000 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Techplace 2 #02-10 Singapura 569870

Duncan von Decor Care Plumbing Services


- Installation


Premium plumbing service


- Installation

N / D

Express Health Center


- strangulation
- Leaky pipe
- Toilet blocker
- The water heater does not heat
- Slow flow of water from kitchen sink or sink

140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd Singapore 588176

SGP Sanitary


- Cleaning of the throttle body.
- Toilet installation
- Bathroom repair
- bathroom change

28 Happy Cres, 02-02, Singapur 416601

eastern health services


- Automatic engine throttles
- Replace/repair melted pipe
- Repair of hidden pipes
- Touch plumbing and leaking/bursting pipes, copper pipes
- Electrical work

107C Edgefield Plains Cingapura 823107

Top 11 Plumbers in Singapore (Profiles, Reviews) [Updated 2023] (2)

plumbing cost calculator

Here is a plumbing cost calculator to help you estimate the cost of your plumbing needs.

(This calculator is currently in beta. All prices are estimates.)

The list of costs for plumbing work in Singapore

We have summarized the prices of plumbing in Singapore, practically all types of plumbing services from bathroom to toilet. To get a proper estimate for your plumbing projects, check out ourPlumbing Cost Guide and Estimates.

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Fees for bathroom plumbing work

Service's description


Clear clogged toilets/bottlenecks

$ 60 - $ 200

Supply and installation of odorless.

$ 200 - $ 300

Replace the sink trap

$ 50 +

Change toilet cistern

$ 80 +

faucet replacement

Ab 60 US dollars

Shower Set Replacement

Ab 140 US dollars

Replacement Instantaneous Water Heater

To ask the professionals

replacement water tank

To ask the professionals

kitchen installation fees

Service's description


Replace kitchen sink/faucet/faucet

$ 60 - $ 150 +

Supply and installation of swimming pools.

$ 150 - $ 180 +

Replace Sink/Kitchen Sink

$ 50 +

Supply and replacement of siphon for kitchen sink

$ 50 – $ 70 +

sink replacement

$ 40 +

Replace flexible hose on sink/basin/cistern

$ 30 - $ 50

Supply and installation of swimming pools.

150 $ +

detection of water leaks

Service's description


Labor and equipment for detection of water leaks in hidden pipes in HDBs and condominiums

$ 120 - $ 200

Labor and equipment to detect water leaks in hidden pipes in a country, including underground pipes

S$250 and up

General plumbing rates

Service's description


Labor and material to repair leaking exposed copper pipes or UPVC pipes

$ 80 - $ 200 +

Supply and replace kitchen sink trap.

$ 60 +

Replace flexible hose on sink/basin/cistern

$ 60 +

Unclogged siphon choke / Clogged bottom siphon

$ 50 - $ 150

Provide labor and materials to install plumbing throughout the house.



Service's description


Transportation / Troubleshooting

Ab BRL 80

types of plumbing problems

The following problems can occur in your plumbing system:

  • escapes:One of the most common plumbing problems is leaks, which often occur in pipes, fittings, and faucets. If left unattended, water damage and mold growth can occur.
  • Clogged drains:Aclogged drainIt is caused by a buildup of hair, soap, food scraps, and other debris that can cause congestion and overflow in the long run.
  • Current bathrooms:Typically, a running toilet due to a faulty check valve can waste a lot of water and even increase your water bill.
  • Low water pressure:Low water pressure is caused by debris and can make everyday tasks like showering and washing dishes difficult.

What are common installation mistakes to avoid?

If you plan to do your own plumbing, avoid the following mistakes to make your plumbing system last longer.

  • Let the water run:Failure to shut off the water supply before the plumbing is done can result in water damage and flooding.
  • Overloaded connections:Overtightening can damage pipes and fittings and even cause leaks.
  • Bypass Building Codes:Building codes are written to ensure that plumbing work is safe and meets standards. Failure to comply with these codes may result in fines.
  • Do not call a professional:Some plumbing jobs require the expertise of a professional plumber. It is best to call a professional if he is not sure what he is doing.

Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

  • routine test:Keep your plumbing system in good working order by scheduling annual plumbing inspections. This can also help you catch minor problems before they get worse.
  • Know your shutoff valve:Knowing the location of the shutoff valve is important, especially in an emergency when you need to quickly shut off the water supply.
  • Use drain grates:Installing drain screens over sink and shower drains will prevent hair, soap, and other debris from clogging the pipes.
  • Avoid Chemical Cleaners:Chemical drain cleaners, especially strong ones, can damage pipes and cause serious damage. Opt for a plunger or drain coil.
  • Don't overload your recycle bin:Avoid system clogging by disposing of small amounts of food waste at a time.
  • Check the water pressure:You can install a pressure reducing valve to prevent high water pressure that can damage your plumbing system.

How can I maximize my plumbing savings?

  • routine
  • Fix leaks immediately: Leaks lead to wasted water, which in turn leads to higher water bills.
  • Install Low Flow Accessories:Low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads help reduce water use and save money on your water bill.
  • Use hot water wisely:Water heating contributes to your electric bill. Use hot water wisely, take shorter showers, and wash clothes in cold water.
  • Insulate pipes:Insulating hot water pipes prevents heat loss and reduces energy costs.
  • If possible, do it yourself:Simple tasks like cleaning drains and replacing faucets can be easily done with the right tools and knowledge.

do-it-yourself plumbing tips

  • Know your limits
  • Close the tap
  • follow the instructions
  • Test your work:

Types of plumbing available

Homees list of top qualified plumbers in Singapore can offer the following plumbing jobs:

plumbing and repairs


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  • Toilet clog, sink clog, siphon, drain pipe clog, urinal clog, bathtub clog, sink repair
  • Transparent choke-Reparaturdienste
  • repair clogged toilet
  • Bathroom flood repair.
  • Bathroom butterfly valve repair, sink repair, faucet repair, replacement. plumbing and repair
  • broken pipe repair
  • clogged toilet repair
  • repair toilet
  • repair toilet
  • shower repair
  • shower leak repair
  • fix leaky faucet
  • Repairing a leaky sink

sanitary kitchen

  • Kitchen flood repair.
  • clogged sink repair
  • Clean/Free Wash Accelerator
  • Clean/unclog kitchen sink
  • clean/clear sink drain
  • dripping faucet
  • Clear/clear slow drains

general installation of the house

  • Clear clogged pipes and sewers
  • Clean/Free Drain Accelerator
  • Drain Choke Repair
  • repair clogged drain
  • sewage treatment
  • Clear choke with concealed hose
  • Clog clean water lines

Repair of pipes and plumbing leaks

  • detect leak
  • bathroom leak repair
  • leak repair
  • broken pipe repair
  • Pipeline leak repair
  • Water leaks repair
  • Repair of leaks in water pipes
  • New installation of water pipes.
  • Repair of leaky pipes.
  • broken pipe repair
  • Repair of discharge pipes.
  • Leak repair of exposed copper pipes
  • Hidden copper pipe repair
  • PPR Pipe Leak Repair
  • Repair of leaks in PVC pipes
  • Repair of leaks in stainless steel pipes
  • UPVC pipe leak repair
  • shower leak repair
  • toilet leak repair
  • Toilet Flush System / Toilet Flush Tank Leak Repair
  • Faucet repair/faucet leaks
  • Toilet/Bathroom Leak Repair

plumbing services

Plumbing work in the bathroom.

  • WCteninstallation
  • Installation of showers and showers
  • Installation of a tap/shower mixer
  • Installation of a hot water tank
  • Installation of water heaters.
  • Urinal installation and replacement
  • faucet installation/basin faucet
  • Kitchen Sink Faucet / Faucet Installation
  • Installation of a siphon in the kitchen sink

kitchen installation work

  • Kitchen plumbing installation.
  • sink installation
  • Installation of a kitchen sink.


  • sewer installation
  • Installation of faucet and faucet for sink.
  • Installation of faucets and kitchen faucets
  • Installation of a siphon in the kitchen sink
  • Water Pipe Fitting/Stainless Steel Pipe/Copper Pipe/UPVC Pipe

Top 11 Plumbers in Singapore (Profiles, Reviews) [Updated 2023] (3)
plumbing replacement services

change bathroom

  • toilet replacement
  • Refill for shower head/shower set
  • Faucet/Shower Mixer Replacement
  • Hot water tank replacement
  • Replace flow heater
  • Sink Faucet/Faucet Replacement
  • Replace kitchen sink faucet/faucet
  • Replace the sink trap
  • Toilet flush system / toilet cistern replacement (internal cistern)
  • Fix flushing toilet by replacing siphon
  • shower head replacement service
  • shower changing service
  • Toilet change service

kitchen and general

  • Faucet and plumbing replacement
  • Installation of a trash can for HDB apartments
  • Replacement of pipes and sewer networks in buildings
  • Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Replacement for HDB Flats
  • New installation of water pipes.
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Filler
  • Reinstallation of the copper pipe.
  • UPVC pipe reinstallation
  • sink replacement
  • Replace kitchen sink
  • replace urinal

plumbing emergency services

  • 24 hour health service
  • 24 hour emergency plumbing

How to choose a trusted plumber

  1. Klempner projection: You should evaluate the reviews of the plumbers before hiring them. Once you've narrowed down your options to a few, talk to them to compare offers and service levels.
  2. make an appointment: Call the installer and request a no-obligation on-site evaluation. Some plumbers may charge drop-in fees, so checking with them beforehand is a great way to avoid those fees.
  3. Ask for offers: The best way to avoid excessive fees is to compare prices first and ask for quotes later. Be aware that some installers offer low prices to lure you into charging more for plugins. A good way around this is to check their reviews and provide feedback if they are overcharging for their work.
  4. during work: For safety reasons, it is better to be around to supervise the task at hand. If he's busy, ask the plumber if he needs to stay home while he works. Depending on your relationship with the plumber, you can leave the keys with them while you're away, or have someone you trust stay at home as a proxy.
  5. after work: Clarify in advance if the installer will give guarantees or bonds. Competent professionals tend to keep their jobs and ensure quality through guarantees or bonds.

Questions before hiring plumbers

When it comes to an emergency like a burst pipe or uncontrollable water leaks, it seems like a good idea to hire a random handyman or plumber. However, there have been many cases where an owner has been scammed, e.g. B. if you were quoted the original price a couple of times.

No matter the situation, there are some standard questions to ask before hiring someone, especially to make sure they are top-notch plumbers.

  1. Are you licensed, bonded and qualified to work in my area?To make sure your plumbing project runs smoothly, select qualified and licensed plumbers to work with. PUB Singapore requires a plumbers license and see for more information
  2. How do you charge?Some plumbers charge by the hour, while others charge a flat rate. When quoting by the hour, it is always helpful to have them estimate the hours it will take to complete the job. This avoids unnecessary additions of plumbers who can prolong the work to earn more.
  3. Do you offer warranty or guarantees for your work?Reliable plumbers give a warranty period to ensure satisfaction in their work. It is advisable to have these guarantees in writing, clearly indicating the areas covered by the guarantee. Good plumbers offer at least a 30-day guarantee, and some are even happy to help you after this period.
  4. Do you have experience with projects similar to mine?Most plumbers have extensive experience and can solve most plumbing problems. However, for larger projects like kitchen remodels, this is a good question to ask yourself and know the answer to in advance. Good plumbers must have thousands of similar plumbing jobs and projects to tell you about.
  5. How far in advance should I make an appointment with you?
  6. What are the possible surcharges?Before you hire the plumber, you should know what potential areas they may charge for. This prevents scuffs and dings and ensures you get what you need.
  7. emergency services: Most, if not all, plumbers charge extra for emergency services to make up for the inconvenience. If you do not want these additional costs, you can call them during regular business hours and not after business hours.
  8. Can you send me a detailed budget in writing?Most installers can provide free estimates. This is to ensure that installers stay on top of prices and avoid unnecessary markups.
  9. Do you clean the area after work?While not strictly necessary, having a plumber clean up any mess caused by your job is a huge plus for you.

Installer license in Singapore

As of April 1, 2018, plumbing work in Singapore can only be done by

  1. PUB (LP) licensed plumbers and
  2. Sanitary installers registered in the SPS

For installers who are not registered with the SPS, standalone installers can only:

  1. Works under the direction of LPs
  2. Work under the direction of current LWSPs or SPS-registered installers through September 30, 2018.

After October 1, 2018 all water and sanitation works:

  1. All plumbing work can only be done by LP
  2. Unlicensed plumbers can only work under the direction of LP.

For more information, see

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