The Recorder in Greenfield, Massachusetts on February 11, 1963 4 (2023)

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Editor's extra newspaper

There are records in
Greenfield, Massachusetts
Date of issue:
Monday, February 11, 1963
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Obituaries Jammed Auditorium x it Bjjohx a seniok ' 'There- were- and there were triumphs — nidi things-always -occur in a queeni comeA especially one whjdi has gained such pubitt interest as the Greenfield Area Winter CinuvaL -hk&:ened i:ha smash-Satur- day in the high school auditorium offered- redutko- ef QgdWfme place of the plashed fatermls- CSappOMinBeHaiy if4irf ' nmmA IS nWfa MntiriVtM MmnnL a Ugh stool a U 'Conio belledl? The' program also marked thejEghted Wfeter Carnival activity! me nervousness a ner-vowe : nrsi puQiic appearance -ox Florence Thayer of Turners! "Cafiopes'Y a singing group from Falls in a orasfturefroxn the its- IGrrenfield —Regional College' uaT talent oVmaostraiion preM which might have been better apt yesterdajr afternoon Ab estimated 500 witnessed the 22 skiers and 12 horsemen as they enmnetod for okir and : neater I in bIT w — I ' - a -c I 7 — - Susan C YerrCl of Turners Fall "Pro0 expuunea a coueoion j"- "prizes m a series of races: watercolors and oils She' mayer Trtrr WofiocrlinffV if LlnJ? 71 tew damiamedftejjudw jpair dried round the track drawn thusiasm at the conduuon of her break - ICtairKn h tCT-hw sulkey was driven by Connie Me- groonung became ' mim the iudrrs" unanimous Jiod as Best of 13 einies-and the bejeweB-ed cmwnas queen ot ihe carni- vaL Beth Winer - of Greenfield ' Br CHITS OGKEX Sidjarmc bebmd hrrses smldeS! and yeeps ' around) - me Mankltn county wrgrounas tracK ana a drop of three ihvachutists high- chosen for poise charm and" good V performance bowvi-er hA' shei Tension-rah high when the word UK orst-ever ' VVIUIICInI vm m uimu tfur- t w jwej tniv - jvas:' "Most of you probably don't to rrtunt Rosa played that feel- iunderstand'it" '" ' mg 1o the hilt with long- pauses Two - paoiniinn brought an- benneen announcements - 'Other change of pace -to tha-pra-T Aaqleaee Agirra' 'I I gram offered by Jo-Ann Dagilus' When' Susan- Verrill was an- - up the ami llauie Basu Miss uagilus nouncea as me new queen she carnival followed a somewhat sUbr record-: was greeted ' with a thunderous carnival Drincess Ccampioa salesgirl was Paf Mee- han also of Creen&ekL rat won the opportunity of acoompanying Queen Susan on a week's -acation in Bermuda by racking razzering -total of 20CH lapel buttoor sold during me pre- mg of "Sara Jacxman a twiOr-Dursj oi appause wjucn ex-contest campaign 'iway tejepbone conversation cov pressed the audiences- entfiusias-Each caixLda?e was required to terihg around '"How's by you'VItitic agreeihfnf ' with the Judges aril a inuiiinum of 500 buttons for was an effortless piTlormanoe" final choice eligibility hvthe-final nund of the r Miss Basil's pertormance wasl A thoroughly surprised 'and: queen ocftQJeen Susan' topa clever drrnoristranon of the! stunned girl was led to the queen's "ped her own niuiunum by a scant Charleston which won her sever- throne and the crown placed on 29 buttons jal spontaneous bursts of' applause! her head by the 19Q oieen JIary Mwdreda- Barred Her echoing of a Betty Bpop song Ann- Carme AJJ 'canitidates now As !n past years the coronation was a special delight to older known as the queen and her court crremonv was well attended limembers of - the audience ' -moved from the stage to the lob- - erv seat was taken and there weret ' Three Sipxers : by -after the' proerain Id receive a "few Randees Thrre'would haver Three of the' candidates offered persnrmal coneratulanons from been many more than the esu- singing as their special talent the audience' ma'ed 1J00 who filled the auditor- Sharon Ambrose accompanied j As- their' reward for ' winning' ium' but police and 'firemen eon-! herself on the piano as she sang -Queen Susan and Miss Meehan cerned wrh Jhe safety of the pub- "I Was Lucky" first in French will leave from Bradley Field lie locked the doors at 7: 4a bar-j then in "English " - -r Sunday to fly :y Eastern Abfutes nng hundreds more from enter-: ftt Meehan made a braw at-iio Bermuda and a week's vaca-mz the crow ded auditorium - ! tempt at -Danny Boy'' but ' brr j tion as guests of the Carieton - The lockedout crowd was large timid vaicewas often lost In the) Beach JIoteL They win be hon-enough to force abandonment of:-piano accAnpaniment Vored guests at a -ariety of planned the planned lOniinute intennis-i Queen Susan's ' rendition of parties tours and other special sn which would ha toltowed "Sound of Musk" was dear andeTnts Princess Winer is to rtv the talent show portion of the P strong It was a beautiful song -byjeeive a co'Iection of gifts from fhe gram Emcee George Rosa -! a beautiful girt I Franklin County Hairdressers As- plained the audience was bemgi During the period' which 'took soaatxn Sept U nicniiecure seal wvauaevt IVff" ' 1 - ' Carthy while Henry Sr Pauha drove the rig pulling fwnmtngv Rosa and McCarthy ran the dual course In 1:27 nunutes Excitement mounted during the slalom events as skiers flashed down the twisting course bebmd gaBoprng horses - The best tune was recorded by Kenneth Subl at Sl5 seconds He was towed by a horse ridden by Wbhey Streeter Ten-year old Dean GiUett of Gill was victor in a special event for youngsters coining in first in a field of three covering the half mile ovaL - The team of Al Serosia and Dick Perry won the special Jeep convtBrahlebnra " A'- - A- -A iewi — Obituarfes Minnie Gerry ' Mss LvtlfiDieS! Curator Weaver of those locked but who would have TW a'jun-TFTTj iui urajr it — — - I eAceytMB vm One '"gHnr-lCV" rOndr - Ti ramainan rniisirl I m to their seats while an impromptu Pff Rpcniipfl program kept them amused and 1 "l Judges adjourned to an anteroom ' for detfteration RBYLQ9f NY (AP - Four iftc mi n ur wfti:Hsters auA taa the ice an a program in which each randidateTUkf 11 oldest in the family- demonstrated her particular ape-u iiyearold girl-was saved VMI UKm - 'V - Pl Ihmnl Tl m Suffolk jrZrZ-L-- iCbimty policeman saved the gU night he en were excellent indeed FasfclM Featwrea There were no' less than three alter hearing her scream as fed ducks 'his son by his side OledlissSpeeckT PROVIDENCE ILL (AP) Tr-Massachusefts Atry Gen Edward W Brodke says he would like-to -speakT at the Uiiiveriity of Mississippi -Brooke- a Negro appreciates petition Derosia circling the oval in 57 seconds averaging about 4o mph ''' The skies cleared sufficiently at midHifiernoao to permit a demonstration parachute- Jump from DUMMERSTON VT — Mrs Minnie M : (Crowe) Gerry TJ pnstmaster at usjumersun au- tkai from 1930 to 19H died pectedhr Eeb T Jn Windsor Conn She bad gone mere to visit her Mrs Natalie lame She had made her home with her son! Aoeuxn 01 ureeaneia She was bornTin aw3on -Kova Sootuw-Nov 188S the dainpte of utarles-and' CaroDhe (Cam Owner In 1917he married Bat C tarry hi White River Juhctian The couple lived in BeBows Falls be njovhig here it 1SC9 Gerry operated the Dutluu Fines Sendee Statkn and his widow carried on the business ater " his death on Oct 13 I960 She was preswenx and civowner of the Tel jow-cab up to thfc time of her oeath She was a member of Beth el Chapel Assembly of God a leaves one acq AdeJbert of GreenfieldfoaruKhterx Mn joBn w jumand ' DummeKfew-1 Mrs Lathed Mrs 1ueent Inter lande of Greenfield and Mrs How- ara Marsh of Hinsdale NJL one brother Bardie C r Crowe of unuuale Ai and 12 children funeral services were Sunday at 2 p m at the Robue ft'Dawley Smenl Home rattleharo with Rev Samuel D DiTtoho pastor of Dcwj:VBapej Assembty of God etocJating Burial Cartrai Cemetery Orange 3Irs S 3laude' Lyons ORANGE - Mrs & Nanu L ons 10 of Oti - cm -- i c : i l ft ' Mwicn ninnu tm-uui naqer Mrs DofiaM R ew York and Muuam JoDy and Woodward of this town died Sun--cil- unun rrrry instruciors at me or- nay at Burbahk HosoitaL Fiseh DEERFTELD — Miss Edwina M &ytk 78 Indian House cura tor Here died -in the Christian f- hoptTaitker BeeoridngA ery MM t NEW YORK AP) i- Tie my stery of the disappearance of the Jth vh fahJtaT?- 'Jrvpm- WMeen continued td deep-tnouthJL Saturday v -niover the weekend v at new- request mere were noi Did the5244bnt shin kink in the sendees Cremation and ' buriaT severe Atlantic atom that lashed wiu oe ra Mount Auourn Ceme-J ftu j uunwwp ma aruo was a patient at the Atwood Nursine Home Conway Street Greenfield for four months before going toiiuJwked or Portsmouth She had been curator at Indian House in Old Deerfield since 1951 and was IShe had spent hne since she isold her horns in Needham She had been employed br the Christian Sdence Monitor In former years' taught classes hi wea ring and-had belonged to crafts organiuoons She leaves no near relatives 3Irs 3Iabel TT31arch TURNERS FALLS ' &n Mabel V March 84 of 35 Ferry Road widow of iouis March died yesterday at honwv Born in Turners Fails on Jan 12 1S79 she was the daughter of Jacob F and Clara A (Par- tennebner)' Sweeley and lived here all her life She was a mem-br of Valley Queen Rebekah Lodge past president of Past Noble Grands Club VJTfl A '- -- Births r (- ARTZ — At St Mari Hospital Walla 'Walla Wash Feb § a daughter rDcborah Jean to Sp4 and Mrs Franklin Gene Arts of Milton - Freewafer Ore-granddaughter of Mrs Ralph B Holton of NorthfiokL Lyle- Wr- Anuden'Of -Binghamptoh NX UKLjoulheast coast with' 40 upJiJland -Mr:: anaVMrs-Frank Art--ot-winds churning up lUoot waves? Uihon Freewater great-grand- Ac the tanker and her crew daughter ot Harry U Anuden 01 ! in Cuba? If so was she-Northfield and Mr and Mrs did she become dhv Oiaries rotter ot MUton-Freewa- BERTHIAUaIE — At Franklin County Public Hospital Feb 11 a son -to Mr and Mrs Victor Berth- laume of 24 Water Street Shel- burne Falls'' -'? LAURIE — AtFranldta'Cbui Public Hospital' Feb 101 a daughter to Mr and Mrs Joseph Laurie of 230 Elm Street 'RICHARDS — At FTinkljn County Public Hospital Feb 10 a son to Mr: and ftlrs William H Richards vl Stage Road South Deerfield grandson of Mr and Mrs A C Johnson of Hoi den and sibiliry that the Sulphur Queen is jj"- ana Mrs o S Richards of ui uiimu A spokesman said tnatj"T"'"' - granqson 01 wrs the probe concerned the pos-j sMity of ' a hijacking' but then I said the ship' nughtr have drifted abled : and Sunday 15 planes searched the tri 1 I area r ucirii xon rra ana last Thursday A report - from one aircraft of a yeuowjsh- substance m me ocean about 190 miles east of St Augustine Fbt -sent a small Navy ship- the USS Hoist to " the scene - the Hoist repbried the yellow substance- was -floating seaweed "The Coast Guard reported Sunday it is investigating the pos- ange Sport Parachute Center The three landed near the target placed in the mfieldl--' Because of heavy snow parking in the area was iifficult Cars ana Jeeps lined the avenue from-ua Stone Church Fitchbure the main gate to the grandstand Kings Daughters and the Mission-Sue Verrill carnival queen and rTSociet3!' of that church She members' of her court were in A' -f orjSB woriBers in burg' Bora on Dee 3 1SS2 m East Douglas she was the daughter of Horace C and Martha (Shaw) neojngsiie was a member of l"daicec!tjBaLJOTnt jmder way' Several prizes were award-! year serned as cosrhairman She ed and thr iwtUlnderTir he pre wniheY oT the Eastern Star sen ted tonight during an mtana-im HcmMBf ana wouki Kave re- sion in the showing of John Jay w pat ttus meSb ski movies at the high schooL I She leaves one daughter Mrs ine uvu ait ratrol amlwlanceuna4 b woodward of Oranee: staffed by Capt Joseph Kurlni!on-two sorts Wuliam E Lyons Jr ts sm fcuen uvery and Cadets na vwman B Lyons both of William Nagle - and - Louis " Chap-I Fitctibarg sit grandcMdren: pell stood by during the track -ie sister Mrs Afire Greenbnr of : events arcase of member of the Friends in Coun-i Th- Sulphur - Queen mont Tex Feh 2 into Cuban waters Other Coast Guard sources said the Swiss Embassy jfn Havana on a request from fhe'lLS State Department presumably is trying to check 'out speculation that the' the Marine -Transport Lines and i tanker is in Cuba left Beau- Its course Edna Hurney of Holden Deaths GERRY - In Windsor Onrm Mrs Bert C Gerry To Feb 7 LAIJBERTE 4 At Mary Hitch-cock Hospital 'Hanover N H Feb 10 Mrs Regina LaUberte K of Hinsdale LYTLE — in Portsmouth jreo aiiss Edwina it Lytle 78 of OH Deerfield a I Wkl aKI Kfl 11 'l"limM sfallM ' fit nuwign tne uuii 01 xjoo-wouio Xitjr sri 7? not navevDeen too lar fiom Oman " """ water ' l84- °t 35 Feny Road- Turners ' Falls ft - She had worked on the edition of The Greenfield Recorder and was a compositor-- for Cecil T and BagnaU and Fred Mbrey In Greenfield before she retired' She was a member hSISS'S M!Hpnor Roll For 1947 S Chutch Annbimces UJI To Honor Ch - -I ' — """P ' - — ' " JIiii wagner-of rurnersT Doctrine-Classes llahar Whitmore BeSTO-r--Two-verflty:F MassachushikyngswilLhoo-- -uuee-iiepneww-ena-iwvp i former long-time area legis- nieces f?nn?un th" "!?" 1 forlh Slaters Rep Philip Whitmore and Funeral senices will be Wed-111 J Chnstian poB-jSpnEajphc Mahar according nesuay ai z at McCarthy r u- Lrf ihrirLM fte lake fishiinj His wifel1" campus In a speech atTiiwlAV dicruiif said last' "i'cawe 01 emergency jvunnui fia: a ororner war-i4t-j Burleigh Brown director of tbej" B'Wing of Franklin NJI be!tion a vhdt Gov R lUmett 1 "?UUe- 2 e — riiHNBicfT ana carmvai uv Uianes "lr rnnerai mme r ncnourg nf Uicncrinni hnf ha miiM mL E U' ¥ — It — v m v -1 i-Llfer boon to vWt the U wSl be m Hvi IcZZi1 MnCB er than Barnard was in another! Htchhirg shows' u eailTif Tsaat' afamniM - " - -V:na— -U 1 t4laWgti¥ nTuve models In every twin daughter and League Rbode "jTVipH SuilitP ni' year-old aon ud he would Bke to speak at the A 1 1CU WJUlLlUC was 'obvious though most of the! The five ether children of nwiMusissippi school on the right off Retina TlifvH verbal descnptionTere lost ra Cbrridans-aU girls-frolicked on any qualified student to attend BOSTON (APi-s- A' &ear-old -c- uivurcrc is ocaa 01 stan wounas?' " " - Senices win trine Report cards mailed to! to Gerald Grady university busir pucnu w ww irm x mss manager here today turned tonight Grady told members of the ed- Th? honor roll follows: Robert ucation committee conduciing aL Brace -Dennis-Onbot—Josepfij on liiis" filed 'jointly by Gibbs Robert KeUey Charles Sen Charles Bisbee Rep Walter Kenney John Pekenia August T Kostanski that the board of Ziokowsid Eleanor Ambrose Bet- trustees will name the nra-lv from 7 to 9 and Tuesday from 2i(y Broughan Nina Lapointe Kath- completed administration build-to 4 and 7 to 9 ryn Maimix Nancy Cstrowski!ing after Rep Whitmore of Sun- Joanne Rogers Rachel Roy and derland a UM trustee Annthw ! Sandra Zentgraf seniors building to be completed this neral Home Prospect Street IRev Alvin F Desterhaft of FJrst Congregational Church wiU officiate Burial will be in Green- River Cemetery in the spring Visiting hours at the funeral home wiU be tonight bfi Funeral services for Harry Gort- crouched coaxing the musical background acronv! the Ice 1W yards choice paniment provided by Dkb Hun-burt's musicians Candidates providing the style hows were Doris Deane of Bern- ' ardstori Barbara SwizU of Turners Falls and Janet Mowry of Deerfield They showed a variety of costumes ranging from sports to formal wear- - Three others-offered -monolgs: FhyUis Bergeron recited a bit entitled rThe-DeiI" Jn which e reeaunted ar supposed meeting- the Brooke said his fanrHanm teand a down - stairs neiztibor R Lakberte K visit th Vivdranni Mwmlfound unconscious in her anart-i Street lonz a resident girl came during governor Barnett's recent Barnard ducks Suddenly be heard a scream He saw Lorraipa Owri- vnat to Boston dan 11 dutch desperately at — — — L : jagged ice forming a hole through xt' j rn v which she had slipped rewion l earner Telling -his son to stay put' Barnard plunged waist deep into me lejr: water ' r- — j Lorraine was screaming that I Richard Hines Philip LaPalme spring will be for the late Sen deUWbr her sonVNormaaUlW&Jjf llPark Sateiho" i&liJFi-i in vS£ Thursday were verterdayS- noon at Hodgen Memorial Chapel ""V"" """"J ' uiVti-- VZ !Rev Dr Kemieth R Henley of Sec1 Bibeau Kathleen Carpen- legislaUve action :ondGmgreptional Church offici-- tt£ZrJ£Z't To ALJ iea Mrs uorothea r Deny vw-l?JA St - I "onm- m m r ' Rarrvat-9 Uami Tboh It nl TsaKaar- m ww n a r 1 m a w Mrs-Reef Main To Africa fAPl of thts! - i— t :i 1 i:r Tmrti n-mA mHv n m i day at City HosnitaL Marjr Hitchrark Hospital Han- " RCK"rES The' hnrfv nt - f!over after a short iCnessT Bruce was found jn her South' ?orn Au?- 27 W in Hi Ihf imn mlnib rmnmlmuri MTDra nams — r- t--n t -r Green River Cemetery SUB JW umonne uua-s ' ipelle Jean Lapointe Linda Mc- jCarthy Patricia Meehan JankjpJ"- £ fm ' Musiak Charlott Okula PiJ ?P?2LW IH cam- the pri- parochial school stu- 1 runerai services an- lm a zaa t:nit l-i c:j 6L of 42 Beech StntJ who Hit:!i r:i' 1 "" m conduct a teSephone vate and his Satanic majesty ending wiuu (—-- — ' 1 paring today to join the staff of a :Troi didnt bappnx iniSnMfieldJ After several tries and fvtuiS!mA iweaiHa mere are oimt amcus w mnv an uvm u End apartment yesterdav Shel3- e daushser naa been stabbed in the back JOST" iiariwsoora nau m jenovans n- anne Ward and Mary Jean Wil W tfCaUS H 015- - " — " - - Mml lUTUOK - -- covered on the floor of t b e H:iwale 72 vears al -as a Entombment was in Green River rj-an fttnu-av Pti rinw I 1 bwj r-t i "'-''-' woman's liring roonTH had Vab CNirrtt Cemetery Bearers were Georae -JS S ZJu'nJIt iname was nlarmi mi thit Kniri -1 -Kl "nd a daugnt-rl-Burnett W alter Pulaski Hodeen u £- ' j Jt T y V0 - ""r 4 car here: Sandra Doret 'nearly garbed in a brief black "gym suit" did al take-off on a gym instructor sup-j posed-teadmg"! -class of chubby women in reducing exercises Point of some of the accompany- ing ebmments was lost but she did cut a trim figure in me spotlight Sandra Pocius offered a - onesided conversatioB' with an invisible "Wilbur' at a Frenchsoie restaurant and an equally invis-ible waiter named Joe who was coeducational butitation Rinml Mlllail flu liictaml n to safety ' Robert Franke who leaves Fri- Heurstater the bodies of her "S1 " "kedJ°ke four sisters were brought to the teacrung- post by the Inter-HBtigm — ' --i national Development Agency The - nari'nra Wjf s- tarw Ann 'program is conducted by Har- 5 Patricia 7 and KaAIeen la neraiHome-Ba charge rMillr: Edward Sanhorn Jarou:'rnt- r5wnin Death Toll- (Continued from Page Four) -4 — iiurrt m-as viarmA m flu knanifal ' -Tl ul wwni IIIMIII -KflLm U ftK - — — — we amrmwmm 1 se ies rwo siyTs irs rangements 4 i inve Larnw ani Mrs Alice 'Promt KvS nf HaTr- on' - ------ — - --- — - - Kaa-Bw w& wses sra aw — ai — — — eral m-w rfnrw ani cw'w: : — 'ivauir"n ruiiay Maureen Ljiien ine lersiatxm to nnance text a si - in - law Arthwr Ber-J -Vrri"-" Manna lcnois Mary v etterimsi pooxs km omer icacning mater- rith- whom' &m made her iwwny j-ium tucn Mornssey sopnomores uus nas won me endorsement or Bigelow wwe Friday at the Uni-j jainey Call' Edward Christian! Republican Gov John Chafee and rU r4C7 - I- '"ITAiklrw Cpnral Christopncr ine uemocrauc - oominatea ig- nvin uiKiauni miiptt: ri n- lcuanirw Fatality bridge To Be DeraQlished vard University : Franke said his wife and two children will join him next month and the children win he enrolled in the school caught fire The heat Wnqr truck as bp was sledvR TaII BelifTed DaxidH Corse l ot Charlotte Tied -To Polaris1 BaSCS will in? to be called Pierre in Vt shot nd kuled accidentaSvi ewhanee for a suitable nwi ooft-j Friday night h-a shotgun as he' ROME fAP — Roswell Gil- steel girders in the bridge trihution 'V (his sister and two brothers waited P- aepury desense secre- Brth Winer offered a show of: in the family car for their par- 'ary -conferred with Premier Am-'- - n: hair styles usingv members of herWs' who were shoDoinz in SheP "tone J"an!ani today for half-an' rjiaenj i Oman UieS line Dame Joan Deneault Kath-:th leeislarure' bv nrononents nf irj-n Dolan Rosemary Fleming : the bill KathoH Killay Maureen Liiehf The legrslHIbn BOSTON (API — The Public' Fmr1 Works' Department called todav nesdv at a m fcwnO'Con- was in South Parish Cemetery m m mm- mmm STm m mmm itii -vii J1- ?i!nAV? Alnchter NJT Beairn " Fiildin Gregory Goiisse S!v Crse hiilsl as4 afawewanltOwMaw- smf ol" awwaw Biaww j1 -wb- wraa wanuiiuuii' Ul ussr "fw !-! id'hk w-rs h i ia-i ii iswjawawiwj U Dmmm — Route-12$ bridge ever Route 1 in: RoM with a'Sdlena Hah Mas? ru ni w V- m" ' Saugus which was damaged Janf Reoin- at 9 h St JVCshV Martia Kenneth T MiUer " Killeen Thaddeus Krol SAIGON Met aiB-CAP) - An 3 in a gasoline truck crash Ctrarch Burial wirf be in St Jo- 'ilorace Field and John Ware' Robert -Martin Terrence Nor- accident dunn? a grenade demon-which took two lives isnrfi's CeTiry in the nrjne- 'Kidder Funeral Home wis in ood Thomas Parody William ration at a trammg camp near The bridge was condemned asVis-tinz hnurS at the ton-re charge of arrangements Stafuntkv Daniel Salliin Wfl- Saon Sa-urday nted in minor unsafe after the crash in which hrnne wl be torieH from 7 to ti "iliam-i'etterlnig Nancy Jo Bunis?"18 tboiisands of-nHons of gasolft i ?Ro Mari Carme Rett CloudLi officials said today i - ' — i -auuui ju i mnaiiurae -Lraiiwvs - avia jijit-k kosc' buckled 9 : family as models She "shef'erijiijred' woridhg 7 with hair and w as "in business" when her molhrr provided her with a'pro-fcsknal-t fte hair drcr Iler presentation was perhaps the easiest and most un-arb final of Sanry Ostrowski of Bernardston declared 'burtv Vt i hnur- then called oft-Defense Min- 1 ' - James F Arthur 20 of raw- vjhumj nrewu tucket RI died last n:qj:t at St I No conununique was issued but Elizabeth's Hospital Boston of 'informants'' expressed belief Gil- m nines suuered less than- -4 natnc and the Italian leaders w- hours earlier than a car in wfiich changed views on plans to providei he was ruhn gunced off a Polaris missile sabmannrs a W automobce and struck aiptace of - fixed missile bases- on bavinz at Kenorjom Mass In Pawiucket Fire PAWTUCKET RI (API-Mrs ! m ct'pvc viiie Sandra Creek Lavla Frank C Fischer of S H!rh!'ary t?"rn!r: peh XATflX arrrMBS Street r1omicfbrother of Petr: Jamr' WEST 1LXWLEY - Mrs Mar-' " SKSSrmw s ft c ft tSundav in Can tlcTiKnn Phy Danene Severance and Ju- —Ithis tomTdd Febi 4 at her homejHospitat A World War I vet- Wpitkte freshmen at I Leo Terrace BloomneM SJ: r iscner naa uvea m r wr- He leaves his it- WHIST AFTER MEETING ijuf — - —n rwi: b : j j f wa in MosTter Mme latf rrecw rare i VvrblTcVT "T'iMrand Mrs Gewr W" Sars now a son a daughter and? Gnm Riw Division GIA to Her next door Mpngaaui bor nri-Lau t ip it&£ I n MjjThr M!Ademv : — : Fyneral wwwfc fau h Sh mTS 1 hTshawl Georee day at :15 from pole I Italian soO UM Carnival Draws Throng A'i:iKR5T — Carnival sprrit p?ilj under ideal weather ravitxRS on thr University of Mnaiiirt!5 campus -"pvcr the week-end Hihii-ht of the UM'' Winter Carnival- ivas tV crowning of Carol - Rim a frc5hman student frcm Lcynon queen at the an-rual carnival bal: Frantis X r Eclton'i 'MiiirhuKt'!! heuten- ant gn-eroor placed the crowh tin the liraisttM-Mrai" ntcd'sL1krmen"sf:f 'oord " atirnz ffrenH- Buddy ed Marrow's orchestra pMt- Twavawls fy awtMrhtls enrndfd tk rampv daring the fwL- Aay rarsnalp virw-: lag Hiectaralar saow sralp-tarea la treat f fralrrBsura MHwrfties aad ' dnrmltorir Jadged the wfevtrr if the aa- waal Ltfoa wasv-Tarta f1Trateranyr -wkane btto catry depicted the annual rpr - pall aera Ik' ramps - pnwd brtwrra tresfemaa aad - Snpfaomure The theme in snow scu'pting oh ty row- on jVirth Pleasant Street Oxnpetitkm was -keen in- tobag- 7ming - races around College Porn ww by LamMa Cm fra- hrrhity and Kappa Alpha Thcta sororit)-' skatiNg etMhiliM hr the Bvsttta Saatiax Clah n'm earn- warm-weather suifam pMir hat' - free aMgh-rhle -arMMd 'ram-- -pas kept sprtatw hi a hap- py frame it roiad -' Fr?prniw and : dVnmitories competed Sarurday afternoon in a unique log - sawing- event that produced sore muscles - and tos- recogmtion -io the " AawtUi raMw 1T9! 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Canada Pkms for the instalSa-'- tibn of - hew of fiers will be com- j' - pleted Refreshments and the pitt-h tournament wwl-fotlgw -Au W'orld War I veterans will be' JftTiite Eagles Auxiliary ' will : meet Tuesday at 7:30 pjn at thrr ciud rooms on iua amei a caru- party will follow ' - - v rTOBrs widow dies- ) SHELBURNE FALLS — Mrs Nellie TSfinghast Hunt widov of Rev--- RoHa '-IfWitormerly-of Shelburne Falls Jdied 'Saturday! in a Brighton hospital She iTCr sided here w-hilf hrr h us hand wa: pastor of the-Flrrt Baptist Church-' Ifrom 1903-1913 ' : jf - Funeral services win be Wed- nemay m the Knowiea funeral hoore Piwidcnce : ' PRIEST ACtlllEXT VICTIM ' MTDDLEBORO Mass (AP) — The RL Rev John J KeKey pastor of ' St Petrr-Paul Roman Catholic Chjirch of Fait Rhrer died xserday in a MakCeborr hotpttaL'rfrom - Lriiuries suffered ThftftTsday in a car crash bare 1 -- - - aTiMiir mm if a in ii I i iihi I ' fill iMftyiifcftd I hi iTfWt ii neeas Tr-ggJ book to bring peace to the household Today's homemaker finds it increasingly important to rnajn- tain 'an atmosphere of peace in- Ex4:L Abdul fUfauw Mohammed Aref left new pmideat mi Iraq shown 'aa he aat m aVpwty pmaier dvwqr-fa JW8 raWajM meetiag with rremW AhdeJ Karimf Kasrm Tk hrtfer wan erthrwWn and Idlled Friday Aref was manw7iresdes4c4ho the family where each member can hod strength to meet the problems of the outside world In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary ' aker ddy many families are - -fiadgthelnteUiKen answer to all (heir pinwaettML r'-'v' ' V Science and Health' may ba read lorexanuned together with - the Bible at any Cbristlan Science Beading Room Or it nay be puxchased at $3 ' Clf RIStlAN SCIENCE a HEADING' BOOST FEDERAL tT-:p ' -"'j:- GREENFIELD Moirrs: HM:M i Daiiy FrL 10-1

(Video) The Beatles - Twist & Shout - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/23/64

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