The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (2023)

v risingis the latest game from Stunlock Studios. Of course, as one of the few vampire-oriented games today, it immediately caught the attention of gamers. In this game, players play as a newly resurrected vampire who has awakened after centuries of sleep. After all this time, the vampire becomes weak and players must find ways to regain their vampire's powers.

True to vampire tradition, vampires inv risingit can only survive after sunset. If they venture into direct sunlight, they will burn and their journey is over. Therefore, it is recommended that all players plan during the day and execute at night. Venturing out to hunt and feed is important to keep the vampire alive and strong as the game progresses.

What makes a vampire strong is a combination of their own strength and the weapons they acquire along the way. To demonstrate the power of these weapons, here is a list showing all of the weapon types in the game, ordered from weakest to strongest.

types of weapons

The weapons in this game follow a slightly different variation compared to most other games in the genre. The developers made each weapon deal the same overall flat damage, which means that no weapon is stronger than the other. But like most multiplayer games, players have figured out which types of weapons are better than others.

There are seven types of weapons in total.v rising🇧🇷 In no particular order, they are:

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  • axes
  • livestock
  • swords
  • reaper
  • slasher
  • spears
  • swords

Six of these weapons are melee weapons, while the crossbow is the only ranged option so far. To break them down further, each weapon type also has a class (for example, Bronze) and as the game progresses, better versions can be found over time.

Each class of these types of weapons deals the same amount of damage at all levels, making them viable in a fight. Each weapon type also has access to two different abilities unique to that type, giving each weapon different tactics in combat.

While the damage of all weapon types remains the same, the other stats differ quite a bit. For example, some weapons attack faster than others, and a better attack speed would increase the overall effective damage of the weapon. Some weapons have more devastating abilities than others, making these types of weapons stronger in different ways.

With all these variations on how a weapon can deal damage, the following list ranks them from weakest to strongest. This rating is purely subjective and based on personal opinion and current meta-training around these types of weapons.


Weapon types are categorized from F-Tier to S-Tier.

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Level F: Beast

The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (1)

Special Attacks:

  • lightning rain:Fire five crossbow bolts into the air and land on enemies in an AOE. This attack deals 40 percent of the Vampire's base damage and also inflicts a 1.5 second slow effect. This ability has an eight second cooldown.
  • Snapshot:Fires a crossbow arrow that deals 75 percent of the Vampire's base damage while inflicting a 2 second slow effect. This ability also interrupts attacks and spells and has an eight second cooldown.

The community agrees that this is the worst type of weapon in the game. While not bad by itself, it does tend to drop significantly compared to any other weapon type. Despite being the only ranged weapon option in the game, it's pretty mediocre in terms of attack speed and abilities. Relying completely on aiming to launch an attack is pretty bad in terms of usability, but it can be useful in specific situations against groups of enemies at a safe distance.

Electric stoves: Reaper

The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (2)

Special Attacks:

  • Howling Reaper:Throws the Reaper forward, dealing 20% ​​of the Vampire's base damage in 0.25 second intervals for 2.5 seconds while slowing enemies. This ability has an eight second cooldown.
  • tendon oscillation:Strikes all enemies, dealing 125 percent of the Vampire's base damage and inflicting a 2 second slow. This ability has an eight second cooldown.

This giant scythe is good for crushing groups of enemies, but its slow attack speed drags it down to tier E. While the damage from this weapon and its abilities do decent damage, the attack speed issue tends to leave a lot of damage. obvious problem in your attack. While good against AI enemies, it struggles against proficient PvP players.

Stage D: Maza

The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (3)

Special Attacks:

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  • Crushing Blow:After a short jump, slash through the ground, dealing 110% of Vampire's base damage and slowing caught enemies for 2 seconds. This ability has an eight second cooldown.
  • Applaud:Deals 50 percent of the Vampire's base damage to all enemies directly in front of it. This ability also incapacitates enemies for 1.2 seconds and has a nine second cooldown.

The mace drops into tier D because it is the slowest weapon in the game. The high damage and heavy hits somewhat make up for this, but it's still not enough to push him further up this list. While this weapon is great against slower, heavier opponents, it fights very well against the faster opponents in the game. Smack is a very useful ability that keeps Mace players safe in sticky situations.

Layer C: Axes

The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (4)

Special Attacks:

  • Rage:Leaps forward and attacks, dealing 100% of the Vampire's base damage to the first enemy hit. After that, the vampire frenzies, moving 25% faster and attacking 30% faster. This ability has an eight second cooldown.
  • X-Strike:Throws two axes in an X pattern, dealing 85 percent of the Vampire's base damage per hit. Each hit slows enemies for 1.5 seconds, and all enemies hit by the top of the intersection are incapacitated for an additional two seconds. This ability has an eight second cooldown.

Axes as weapons are pretty devastating. In addition to their obvious use in close combat, they have a ranged attack option with their X-Strike attack. They also have great utility, helping players cut down trees early in the game. Axes might be higher on this list if they were faster weapons, but their slow attack speed leaves them far behind weapons like the sword. Axes shine brightest when it comes to frenzy, providing the vampire with temporary buffs to movement and attack speed. This gives players the explosive power they need to take down stronger enemies.

Level B: Spear

The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (5)

Special Attacks:

  • Harpoon:Throws a spear forward, dealing 70% of the vampire's base damage, bringing the enemy closer and closing the distance. This ability has an eight second cooldown.
  • Thousand Spears:Strikes 8 times in quick succession, dealing 30% of the vampire's base damage per hit. If this ability is recast during the attack animation, a stab will be added to the end. Instead, this strike deals 50% of the vampire's base damage and also knocks back all affected enemies. This ability has an eight second cooldown.

Let's move on to the first of the game's three main weapon types: the spear. Spear-type weapons are excellent in combat, as the high damage and attack speed stats ensure a good mix of offensive power. The spear's only flaw is that the weapon was clearly designed to engage enemies one at a time, making it ineffective against groups. Fortunately, the Thousand Spears ability somewhat mitigates this weakness when used.

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A-Stufe: Assassins

The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (6)

Special Attacks:

  • Camouflage:Make yourself invisible for six seconds. Attacking breaks invisibility, dealing 80% of the vampire's base damage and incapacitating its victim for three seconds. This ability has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Evasive Strike:Attack all enemies in the Vampire's path twice, dealing 60% of the Vampire's base damage. These attacks also reduce your speed for 2 seconds. This ability has an eight second cooldown.

The placement of these last two inputs is pretty much interchangeable, depending on your play style. Slashers are perfect for players who enjoy high-speed melee combat. They don't do as much damage per hit as other types of weapons, but their extremely fast attack speed more than makes up for it. The Camouflage ability is perfect for dodging and setting up sneaky kills, while Elusive Strike helps clear out waves of enemies quickly.

Level S: Sword

The best weapons in V Rising and how to get them (7)

Special Attacks:

  • shock wave:Fires a shockwave that deals 70% of the vampire's base damage and knocks the enemy into the air for 1.6 seconds. If this ability is recast during the duration, the player will teleport to the affected target and attack them three times in a row, each hit dealing 25 percent of the vampire's base damage. This ability has an eight second cooldown.
  • swirl:The vampire spins, causing the sword to create a tornado effect for 1.1 seconds. This ability deals 35% of Vampire's base damage to affected enemies at 0.25 second intervals. This ability has an eight second cooldown.

Possibly the strongest weapon type in this meta, the sword is good for just about everything. Blade wielders take down enemies in single combat with Shockwave, as well as entire squads of enemies with their AOE attacks and abilities like Whirlwind. Since players are the first weapon they acquire in the game, they have plenty of time to practice and perfect it. Sword users are constantly competing with Slasher users for superiority and bravery. The strengths of these two weapon types are incredibly similar, but we have to give the Sword class a slight advantage over the Slasher, making it the S-Tier option.


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