Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (2023)

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (1)

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The ThermoPro TP620 Instant Read digital meat thermometer is very similar to the highly rated meat thermometerThermoPro TP19 Instant Read Fleischthermometer.

Until recently, ThermoPro referred to the TP620 thermometer model as the TP-19X.

In fact, it has exactly the same features and specs as the TP19 with a few differences.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (2)

ThermoPro TP19 on the left and ThermoPro TP620 on the right.

The ThermoPro TP620 features premium BTN (Pneumatic bistable torque) LCD display clearly visible even in the dark.

Its brother, the TP19, features a red digital display reminiscent of an alarm clock, which is also clearly visible at night.

The TP620 also has a slimmer body than the TP19 and the non-slip grip is easier to hold.

The TP19 has a rubber seal on the outside, while the TP620 does not.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (3)

The lower TP19 features a rubber gasket on the outside of the thermometer for added water resistance.

You may be wondering why I started the review by comparing the two thermometers in the first place.

Because despite being very similar thermometers, the TP620 is $20 more expensive than the TP19.

Both are excellent thermometers, so it's up to you to decide whether the TP620's features are worth the higher price.

In this ThermoPro TP620 Meat Thermometer review, I will decide this ThermoPro thermometer battle.

I'll look at the features, ease of use, durability, accuracy, price, and how it compares to similar meat thermometers.

Check out the latest instant read thermometers from ThermoPro.ThermoPro TP610 Dual Probe Instant Read Thermometer.

ThermoPro TP620 digital instant read meat thermometer

Thermostatis a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of thermometers, many models of which have high ratings from reviewers.

In a sea of ​​reasonably priced meat thermometers, the ThermoPro thermometer stands out for quality, durability and ThermoPro's attentive customer service.

All hallmarks of a company that takes pride in its products.

The ThermoPro TP620 Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer is another reliable product.

As I mentioned earlier, the TP620 is also referred to as the TP-19X on its packaging and website. (as of May 2021)

The TP620's older brother, the TP19, is an excellent thermometer. Does it offer something new?

Aside from the slimmer body that makes it easier for small hands to grip, the standout feature is the BTN LCD screen.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (6)

The importance of this type of display is that the numbers are bright and clearly visible in all lighting conditions while consuming very little battery life.

You don't need a separate light button or motion light sensor to see the numbers. So this is a very short list of thermometers with a constant backlight.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (7)

Hello? are you looking for me ThermoPro Tp19 (above) and ThermoPro TP620 in the dark.

What are the other features of the TP620?

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (8)

Features of the ThermoPro TP620

The following are the important features of the TP620:

  • Thermoelementsensor

Thermocouple probes have a response time of 2-3 seconds and an accuracy of +-0.9°F. The temperature range is between -58°F and 572°F. (-50°C to 300°C)

  • Waterproof according to IP65

The IP65 waterproof rating means that the meat thermometer will not be affected by the flow of low-pressure water and will therefore not be washed off under the kitchen faucet.

  • Auto rotate display

If you turn the screen upside down, the screen automatically rotates 180° for left-handed use.

  • Sleep and wake mode with motion detection

The thermometer turns on when you're on the go and automatically turns off after 90 seconds when not in use.

  • locking function

Press the lock button to lock the current temperature for 5 seconds.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (9)

  • calibration function

You can calibrate the thermometer by pressing and holding the calibration button in the battery compartment for 5 seconds. Press again to confirm the calibration.

  • BTN-LCD-Display

The key feature of this thermometer is the large, 3/4 inch high numbers that are bright and easy to see.

  • Food grade stainless steel probe

The probe is 4.5 inches long.

  • magnetic back
  • Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (10)
  • kitchen hook
  • antimicrobial coating

The plastic polymer of the device body has a silver-based antimicrobial coating that inhibits bacterial growth.

  • Fahrenheit/Celsius button

You can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing and holding the button on the back for three seconds.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (11)

ThermoPro TP620 digital instant read meat thermometer

  • Equipped with a thermocouple sensor, our TP620 instant-read thermometer has a response time of just 1-3 seconds and an accuracy of 0.9°F, making it ideal for professional chefs, cooking shows, food enthusiasts, BBQ, award-winning baristas and more.
  • The unique 2" large BTN display with auto-rotating intelligent backlight features bright, anti-fog, backlit numbers for a clear 360° viewing angle even in the dark or on sunny days.
  • Thanks to the advanced design with intelligent motion detection, the cooking thermometer offers a really simple and intuitive user experience. It automatically goes into sleep mode after 90 seconds to save battery power and wakes up instantly when you wake up to ensure the digital thermometer is always ready to use.
  • The fully waterproof IP65 construction allows our meat thermometer for roasting and smoking to be cleaned quickly and easily by simply running it under water without fear of damaging the device. Recommended temperatures for specific meats are conveniently printed on the back. Choose between C/F and magnetic backing for easy storage.
  • With the lockout feature to maintain temperature readings, it is no longer dangerous to look in or over hot cooking surfaces. The easy-to-use calibration feature sets the grill thermometer's probe sensor to the correct accuracy, making it a cooking thermometer that will last a lifetime. Up to 3,000 hours with AAA batteries

Availability of TP620

One of the reasons the ThermoPro TP620 is easier to use than most meat thermometers is its always-on display during use.

Not having to worry about the light button is an aspect that you only really appreciate when you no longer need it.

As I mentioned earlier, the TP620 has a slim body and a non-slip top handle for easy gripping.

It has all the hallmarks of a meat thermometer in its price range: motion detection on/off, rotating display, some kind of waterproofing.

It should be noted that the monitor can only be rotated 180° (two-way viewing) and not a full 360° (four-way viewing).

It is also reported to have an IP65 waterproof rating. I'll talk more about this in the next section on durability.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (12)

The ThermoPro TP19 on the left has a more compact housing.


The durability of a device is measured over time. It is still too early to assess the durability of the ThermoPro TP620.

Over time I can point out a few things that suggest its potential durability.

Though it's reportedly rated IP65 for water resistance, it lacks the rubber gasket that its TP19 sibling model has.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (13)

The ThermoPro TP19 has a rubber seal at the bottom, the TP620 does not at the top.

Thermometers like the Thermoworks Thermapens, Inkbird IHT-1s and ThermoPro TP19 have a rubber gasket on the outside that creates a watertight barrier when the front and back of the thermometer are mated.

I'm not saying the TP620 isn't waterproof, I'm just saying I'm more confident the thermometer is waterproof if it has that seal of approval.

As far as the TP620's body is concerned, I give it an average rating. In my opinion it is more hollow than the TP19 which has a denser body.

Again, these are my own observations and the TP620 can prove to be a very durable thermometer. Time will tell.

I would say that at this point I would rate the potential durability of the TP19. I've been using it for over a year and a half with no problems and I like the sturdier case with the rubber gasket.

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (14)

TP620 precision

The TP620's thermocouple probe is fast and accurate.

To test accuracy, I immersed the probe tip in a 130°F sous vide water bath along with other high-precision meat thermometers.

How it works?

Test report on the ThermoPro TP620 meat thermometer – Thermo Meat (15)

(Left to right) ThermoPro TP620, Thermoworks Thermapen MK4. ThermoPro TP19, Inkbird IHT-1S and Javelin PRO Duo meat thermometers in a 130 degree vacuum cryogenic water bath.

In terms of response time, the performance was on par with other products, all of which were around 2-3 seconds.

As for accuracy, it was about 0.5°F better than the unified reading of all three thermometers.

Interestingly, even after calibrating in ice water, the TP19 was 0.6 to 0.8°F more accurate than the combined average.

Still within the specified accuracy of +-0.9°F.

Based on my observations from multiple accuracy tests of five thermometers, I rate the TP620 asMK4 Therapiestift, It isInkbird IHT-1s, andLavatools Javelin PRO Duo, a little before TP19.


The ThermoPro TP620 currently sells for around $50 (May 2021). It costs $20 more than the similar ThermoPro TP19.

Why are the prices different?

I can only assume that it is a BTN LCD display. In fairness, it's a decent screen that does a decent job even in low light. The numbers on the screen are also large and easy to read.

Does this justify the higher price? I am not sure if that is the case. I think you'll be happy with the cheaper ThermoPro TP19 model.

If your budget is $50 for an instant-read meat thermometer, I recommend the Inkbird IHT-1 instant-read meat thermometer.


The TP620 is priced right between the top-of-the-line Thermapens from Thermoworks and better than average meat thermometers like the $30 ThermoPro TP19.

It's not as accurate as its $50 counterparts, the Inkbird IHT-1s or the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo thermometer.

The Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 remains the king of instant-read meat thermometers, with its big brother, the Classic Thermapen, taking second place.

I would then rank them in this order: Inkbird IHT-1s, Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo, Thermoworks TP19 and then Thermoworks TP620.

(I also like the Thermoworks DASH on a sub-$40 budget. It's a solid thermometer that could crack the top 5.)

Aside from the TP620's great screen, I think the TP19 offers just as much value, if not more, at a lower price.

I think the TP19's body is stronger and has about the same accuracy and response time.

final verdict

The ThermoPro TP620 is a decent thermometer. I just think the beautiful display pushes its price point into an area where its value proposition is put to the test.

For $50, it competes squarely with the Inkbird IHT-1s, a more accurate and waterproof thermometer.

The TP620's predecessor, the TP19, has all the same features except for the screen.

For price reasons, I recommend trying the ThermoPro TP19 before paying more for the TP620.

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