State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide: Best Weapons, How to Level Up, Craft Weapons, Repair (Weapon Tips) (2023)

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DarinState of Decay 2 weapons guide, we're going to break down everything there is to know about weaponsstate of decay 2.state of decay 2It has a large number of weapons ranging from melee to long-range weapons.

We'll also show you how to acquire, craft, upgrade, and maintain these weapons.Weapons in state of disrepair.

State of Decay 2 Waffen

state of decay 2is an open world zombie survival game that relies heavily on finding localized weapons.

While you have the ability to craft the weapons yourself, you still need to find the necessary parts and materials to do so. We have detailed all this information for you below. As a bonus, we're also sharing our list of the top five weapons in the game.

Below is a detailed guide on how to find, craft, upgrade and maintain weapons. In our we have collected everything you need to know about weaponsState of Decay 2 weapons guidefor you, so you can easily find all the information in one consolidated guide.

weapon types

Basically, in State of Decay 2, your character has three weapon slots. These three slots contain three different types of weapons. These are listed below.

melee weapons

The first is the backup weapon slot - those short-range weapons that come in handy when the rest of your weapons fail, get stuck, or start to fail. These can be a lifesaver.

Contemporary weapons of this class are lightweight and essentially unbreakable, meaning you can easily carry them along with your main weapon and won't break in case of trouble. Some of the backup weapons are screwdrivers, chef's and combat knives, and K-Bar.

melee weapons
These are blunt and sharp hand weapons that can tear through zombie flesh for immense damage. You can execute a zombie in a single hit, but sometimes it takes a little more than that to get the job done.

Some zombies are sometimes stronger and heavier and cannot be knocked out with a single swipe. They can pose a threat to your survivor just like treasure or a group of 3+ zombies while wielding a melee weapon.

These weapons also take damage and even break from frequent and inexperienced use and must be repaired before they can be used again.

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We suggest you use tactics to take out a zombie or a group of zombies, and use combos to maintain the integrity of your melee weapon. This also allows you to quietly shoot down hordes of zombies without distracting the attention of other people nearby.

Some of the best melee weapons are kukri, ultralight axe, and katana machete.

ranged weapons

The range of ranged weapons that State of Decay 2 offers ranges from pistols to rifles, machine guns, shotguns and whatever else you can expect. They each have their own ammo class that only works for a specific weapon or weapon class. So make sure you collect the necessary ammo and contemporary ammo for your guns.

Ranged weapons have a number of attributes that define the weapon's functionality and knockback effects. These attributes should be studied before choosing a weapon you like. These are classified as follows;

As: The noise a weapon makes when fired. Personally, I think this is the most important attribute to look at first on the weapon in SoD, since more noise means more attention from zombies.

weight: is also a very significant factor in a loaded gun. How the weight of the weapon affects your Survivor's speed. So a heavier weapon means you won't be able to escape difficulties as easily.

ammo capacity: Determines how much ammo you can have in your weapon at one time. You must consider the capacity of your guns before firing them.

Feuermode: They are fully automatic, semi-automatic and burst. These are some more modes that define the fire capacity of your weapons. Some weapons, like SMGs, have multiple firing modes that you can switch between by pressing the left trigger button and Y.

durability: Determines the number of shots your weapon can fire before maintenance is required. The durability rating is specific to a weapon type, as not all weapons perform the same with the same durability.

State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide: Best Weapons, How to Level Up, Craft Weapons, Repair (Weapon Tips) (1)

find weapons

When you start the game you only have a small knife. This little knife will always accompany you, but as soon as you start the game you should start looking for better and more effective weapons.

There are tons of weapons to choose from.state of decay 2🇧🇷 The weapons in the game range from melee weapons, pistols, rifles to shotguns and more.

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Melee weapons can easily be found in various locations. Melee weapons like staves, whistles, swords, and daggers are easily found in containers around the world.

Just loot to find more melee weapons. Because melee weapons really hit zombies, they require more timely maintenance than ranged weapons. Below we have detailed how to repair your weapon.

In addition to melee weapons, you can also find ranged weapons around the world.

There are various special places in the world, such as:

  • police stations
  • police checks
  • military installations

Make sure to search these locations thoroughly and you will never run out of ammo or weapons. Collecting ammo is also important because without ammo, guns are useless.

make weapons

Besides finding weapons and ammo, you can also craft weapons and their upgrades at your home base.

After creating a base, you can build a workshop on it. In the workshop you can craft all kinds of weapons and upgrades for these weapons. To craft a weapon, you need supplies and materials.

You can also create different variants of the same weapon that may be better suited to a specific role.

ranged weapons onstate of decay 2They have seven main attributes that determine the weapon's combat effectiveness in any situation.

These attributes include:

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  • allowed to
  • precision
  • check
  • Maximum durability
  • fire tax
  • Vary
  • Quiet
State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide: Best Weapons, How to Level Up, Craft Weapons, Repair (Weapon Tips) (2)

A similar weapon can have different variants that have different stats, making them suitable for different scenarios. You can play with all of them and find what's right for you.

In addition to these general stats, you can also add various upgrades to these weapons to make them even more specialized and suitable for different situations.

upgrade weapons

state of decay 2offers a wide range of upgradeable options for your weapons.

These upgrades aren't just visual, they affect the real-life performance of your weapons, changing their stats and making them suitable for different situations.

However, you should keep in mind that weapon mods are not universal like most games.

Each weapon variant will have its own unique attachments and upgrades that cannot be used with any other weapon. You can also upgrade weapons at the bases of operations. You cannot upgrade or modify weapons while in the world.

However, the barrel attachments can be changed on the fly, making it the only weapon mod that doesn't require a home base.

You can choose from a wide range of mods such as barrel attachments, silencers, flash hiders and compensators to dress up your guns. With these upgrades and mods you can easily create the weapon of your choice.

repair weapons

As you use your weapons in combat, they will wear out and eventually break. Once a weapon breaks, you can no longer use it unless you repair it first.

Almost every weapon you own has a set life, be it a firearm or a melee weapon. Melee weapons break more often compared to your weapons, but even weapons need maintenance from time to time.

To repair your weapons, you need a base of operations with a workshop. If your base doesn't already have a workshop, you can build one by gathering the necessary materials. You just need to find an empty area or vacant lot in your home base where you can build your workshop. To build the workshop you need some raw materials and a hand to help you build the workshop.

(Video) State Of Decay 2 repair weapons - How to repair a weapon

Once your workshop is built, all you have to do is access the workshop menu and select the weapon you want to repair.

You need to equip the weapon and take it to the base locker. Once the weapon is in the closet, you can pick it up and repair it using the materials required for the procedure.

Depending on the condition of the weapon, different amounts of materials are required for the repair. A broken weapon requires a larger amount of repair material.

Melee weapons take damage as you use them, so they require more maintenance compared to guns.

Because supplies are scarcestate of decay 2, what you can do is keep the ones you use the most and discard any other extra weapons.

With melee weapons, you can choose to keep the few that work best for you and throw away the rest. For weapons, we recommend that you try to keep as many different weapons as possible.

The main reason for this is that while you're out in the wild, you get a wide range of ammo. Not having a specific type of weapon will waste your ammo and you may run out of ammo for your favorite weapon while fighting zombies.

To ensure you can use every type of ammo found in the world, make sure you have one of each type of weapon in your backpack in good condition.

The 5 best weapons

While the game features a large number of weapons, we've listed our five favorite weapons that we enjoy using in the game.

You can choose these weapons if you are unsure about what weapons to use in the game as we think these weapons are an absolute blast.

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Waffenweapon tips
SP101 Tassie diabloAlthough it doesn't pack a lot of punch, it has an extremely high rate of fire and great accuracy. But that's not the main thing that made us include this little revolver in our top 5 list. The best thing about Tassie Devil is that it's unbreakable as it doesn't wear out. This is unbreakable in-game and has the best stats in its category, making it our top five weapon list.
BML-40The BML-40 is a powerful grenade launcher and very good at crowd control. Nothing greets a group of zombies like a perfectly timed grenade fired from a BML-40. Each explosion is very powerful and deals a large amount of damage. The damage radius is also huge, so you can easily take out large groups of zombies.
M4X1 DMR HeavyWith single-shot and full-auto fire modes, the M4X1 is a high-powered rifle capable of taking down a single zombie from afar or a group of zombies from almost any distance. It's a very decent assault rifle and can even be fitted with a silencer, making it almost silent. This is an essential weapon for any survivor.
Infiltrador DEVGRU X12This fully automatic shotgun has exceptional stopping power that will stop a rhino in its tracks and a massive 30-round magazine. Combined with a super-fast rate of fire, the DEVGRY X12 truly is a survivor's best friend.
M99X1 HolzwolfM99X1 Timberwolf can be purchased froma Red Talon Merchant for 1000 Influence Points🇧🇷 Has the maximum range available for each weapon and guarantees a one-hit kill. To top it off, it falls into the category of bolt-action rifles that don't jam or break. This makes it one of the deadliest weapons in the game. This is your most powerful and unbreakable weapon in State of Decay 2.

This ends our State of Decay 2 weapons guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, you can use the comments section below!


Does State of Decay 2 have cheats? ›

Our State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition trainer has over 16 cheats and supports Steam, Xbox, and Epic Games. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app!

What does the armory do in State of Decay 2? ›

The Armory is one of the 4 Leader Projects - it is unlocked by the Warlord Leader. It allows the player to craft rounds of any caliber, professional Muzzle Mods, and military-grade explosives. Accepts Workshop and Universal Facility Mods.

How do you upgrade weapon repairs in dying light? ›

To repair a weapon in Dying Light 2, you need to install a weapon mod. Weapons have up to three slots for installing gear mods that can boost all kinds of stats. Crucially, installing a mod also adds 50 points of durability which gives your weapon an extended lease on life.

How do I upgrade damaged weapons in rdr2? ›

How to upgrade weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. To upgrade your guns in Red Dead Redemption 2, you'll want to head over to the nearest gun store. Once you're there, lock on to the shopkeeper and select 'customize'. From here, you'll be able to choose whichever gun you like and upgrade it.

How do you repair weapons without losing enchantments? ›

Enchanted items can be repaired by placing either another item or the material from which they are made in the second slot. An enchanted diamond axe can be repaired using either a diamond, or another diamond axe.

What is the most famous cheat code? ›

#1: The Konami Code

This is hands down the most famous of all cheat codes. Perhaps because it is has appeared in more than 100 games made by Konami, unlocking a different feature in each one of them. It was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto who was developing the video game Gradius back in 1985.

What is the most survivors You can have State of Decay 2? ›

Community Size. The game limits any community to no more than 12 survivors. However, opportunities to recruit new survivors become rare once your community reaches a population of 9 or more. This makes your choices about who to recruit, who to keep around, and who to exile from your community very important!

What is the best map to live at in State of Decay 2? ›

Out of the three original State of Decay 2 maps, Cascade Hills has perhaps the best selection of bases, with the Container Fort ranking among the greatest in the game. The Justineau House is also a very good starting base, giving you six beds off the bat.

Which leader is best State of Decay 2? ›

A builder is the best choice for your first run. Mainly because the legacy bonus you get makes all your later playthroughs easier. Builder= Gives you sniper tower rather than building watchtower which is waste of space. Builder= Gives you sniper tower rather than building watchtower which is waste of space.

Where is the secret in the armory? ›

This secret can be found in Act 2 - The Armory - A CALL TO ARMS. After making your way through the parking garage drop down and make your way behind the second house and you'll find a small chicken coop beside the second house and the secret will be inside the window of the chicken coop.

How do you use a weapon repair kit? ›

You don't press the repair button. Instead what you do is have both the item to be repaired and the kit in your inventory, then drag and drop the kit onto the item in your inventory. Master kits can repair everything short of legendary weapons, but only to about 90% of their max durability.

How do I make a repair kit in State of Decay 2? ›

For the repair kits, all you need is a workshop and someone with the Mechanics skill. Workshop does need to be level 2 though ( as previously posted by another) to make the toolkits to repair vehicles, plus someone in your community with a Mechanics skill.

Where are repair kits State of Decay 2? ›

They can be found in workshops, garages, auto shops, and sheds throughout the game. They can also be crafted with parts at a level 2 Workshop facility, as long as you have a survivor with the Mechanics quirk skill.

How do you repair trauma in State of Decay 2? ›

You can cure trauma with items like first aid kit or with an action at your base's infirmary. If you don't have an infirmary because you don't have a character who has some sort of medical skill, get on that right away.


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