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THE PLAN:Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. m. to 5:00 p.m. m. (possible overtime). This is an essential position in an emergency.

Pays $22.41+/hour DOE

LOCATION:434 Harrison Avenue, Boston MA



The receptionist and human resources assistant (receptionist) serves as the first point of contact for all incoming calls and personal visitors. They greet each caller in a professional manner, always with courtesy, respect, and patience. The receptionist assists callers by answering questions and providing information and assistance, either directly or by directing them to the appropriate department, location, or program. They serve as the first point of contact for all persons entering the Office of Human Resources/434 Harrison Avenue and greet each visitor in a professional, courteous and respectful manner and observe PSI security protocols. The receptionist directs employees to the appropriate human resources team.human andprovides employees with basic human resources information and forms. The receptionist also performs other administrative duties for the Human Resources office as assigned and assists all HR directors, managers, and staff in the performance of the regular functions of the Human Resources office.




  • Associate's degree and/or high school plus two to four (2-4) years of direct experience as a receptionist and operator or 5 or more years of experience in an office environment performing receptionist, telephone and other general administrative duties.


  • university graduation



  • Minimum one (1) year of relevant experience
  • Minimum one (1) year experience working as a receptionist or in an administrative position in an institutional or office setting
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Outlook and schedule/calendar assistant functions
  • Experience with PBX, Mitel, Avaya or other telephone switching systems
  • Experience with MS Office, including MS Word and Excel; able to maintain and create simple Excel spreadsheets, able to correct and spell check basic Word documents; able to create documentation explaining office processes and guides for personnel secretaries on all functions of the human resources assistant
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


  • Work experience in a service or medical care environment.
  • Familiarity with issues affecting people who are homeless, disabled, or suffering from addictions.
  • Adaptive learner of new computer skills, including shared point systems, security badge systems, and security cameras/locks



  • The ability to work independently.
  • He works well in a team and is committed to the mission, vision and values ​​of the Pousada.
  • Professional, patient and welcoming demeanor with strong verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to assist callers who are confused, distressed, do not speak English as their primary language, or do not understand the resources they need
  • Diplomacy and tact in dealing with visitors and callers in person or on the phone seeking services and/or access to Inn staff, routing calls and communications as necessary to Human Resources or Inn staff
  • Using good judgment, including seeking help and escalating issues that affect personal safety, human resources, or general guest house security.
  • Resourceful in seeking further information or training to fully fulfill job responsibilities, with a strong ability to document and develop job aids.
  • Proactive approach to seeking and receiving supervision and/or support from other local HR staff
  • Ready to propose changes to improve HR or Pousada processes beyond the mission, vision and values ​​of the Pousada.
  • Ability to deal with a busy work environment while maintaining a highly personable and professional approach to dealing with staff, program members and the public.
  • Ability to multitask and change gears quickly



  • Ability to maintain energy in a sometimes stressful environment.
  • It requires prolonged sitting and heavy use of phones and computers.
  • Access to various construction sites, devices and mailboxes
  • Ability to speak and listen when using phones and redirect callers
  • Ability to direct hearing impaired guests to the reception of the men's shelter to access their accessible device

DRESS CODE:The dress code corresponds to normal business dress.


  • Greet all callers (guests/tenants, applicants, employees, volunteers, external partners) with courtesy and respect, offer assistance and information when needed, and maintain a positive, patient, and professional attitude at all times. You can redirect and limit callers who don't want to leave messages or send email to a specific resource. It can be escalated to internal HR and PSI management while routing callers to the appropriate central resource.
  • answer phone calls (route callers to the appropriate departments, websites, and programs as needed); Provide instructions, etc., when the appropriate department, site or program representative is not available. Provides accurate news and information to employees in a timely manner when directed by a member of the HR team. Patiently ask questions of callers to make appropriate recommendations. Analyze HR needs H H. and/or callers and visitors to the inn and direct them to the appropriate resource. Direct repeat callers/extremely distressed callers to the next level of supervisor for the assigned resource as needed.
  • Suggest changes and document checklists and procedures relevant to completing tasks and store documentation in designated Sharepoint folders.
  • Assist Employee Relations, Training, Recruiting, Occupational Health, VP Human Capital and HRIS with printing and mailing as needed and coordinate with factory/postal clerk and outside couriers (UPS, FedEx) to ensure timely pickup/return.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of the inn's conference rooms, including 444 Harrison 2North DakotaConference room, 434 3thirdFloor conference room and common room. Welcome attendees to meetings at 434 Harrison Avenue, instruct and alert attendees and vendors accordingly.
  • Coordinate the ordering of HR consumables, track purchase orders, receipts, and returns until orders are filled, and store documentation as directed for reconciliation with the appropriate HR department authorizing orders. bills.
  • Take care and protect valuable elements in Human Resources, including the management of movie ticket purchases by employees; manage the distribution of MBTA and commuter rail passes to employees; and administer sweepstakes prizes or other giveaways, create and maintain subscription forms and documentation as needed
  • Maintenance of HR office equipment, including copier/printer/scanner/fax machine, shredder, and air filtration unit. Communicate directly with the copier vendor regarding the need for repairs and document contact with supervisor for further assistance in escalating and troubleshooting if necessary. Engage with facilities as needed through specific processes (build engines, facility center), ITS, and machine vendors to ensure timely resolution of issues. Escalate ongoing issues to manager within 48 hours of initial issues if still unresolved.
  • Coordinate staff office cleaning, coordinate with housekeeping and facilities for additional cleaning/vacuuming, trash removal, cleaning supplies, or other site-specific needs.
  • Coordinate with the HRIS, Wellness and Benefits Manager, Director of Employment and Workforce Planning and/or other members of the HR management team. each PSI site coordinator to ensure the timely collection, distribution and publication of legal requirements.
  • Update all interesting posts in HR Office and 3thirdBulletin board on the floor of 444 Harrison Avenue (Operations bulletin board)
  • Organize and maintain HR keys, tag and request duplicate facilities as needed.
  • Assist recruiting team with new hire orientation, including creating employee ID lanyards, assisting HRIS coordinator with offer letters, job descriptions, and printing and scanning new hire paper packets as well as copies of ID cards and other relevant documents and transfer ID Card Photos to designated ITS folders for Outlook file creation
  • Maintain security of the HR/434 Harrison Ave. office, enforce the Inn's lanyard/bracelet policy, direct calls and visits to the HR office to security as needed, and monitor security cameras /entrances closed according to the policy of the inn. Use the public address/speaker system to identify visitor needs when the visitor's identity is unclear and request security assistance by phone or walkie-talkie radio if necessary. If necessary, make recommendations for changes.
  • Manage paper employee files, archive them as needed, and retrieve items from employee files as requested by the HR team.
  • Create new or replacement IDs for existing employees and export ID photos to specific locations for ITS to use when creating employee Outlook profiles. Escalate ID printer issues to ITS and vendors as needed. Distribute new and replacement slings in accordance with safety guidelines. Keep the wrist strap system for food service workers in place of lanyards and follow the same color codes as lanyards.
  • Secure HR office, front desk, and all personnel files at the beginning and end of the day to ensure HR office and personnel files remain confidential, and retain and organize all HR office keys Where they are accessible to human resources and security personnel Request backup copies of keys and create a key inventory system.
  • Maintain inboxes for the HR team and ensure timely scanning and delivery of emails destined for the HR office. Open and distribute USPS and other package deliveries to HR employees, including document scanning for employees working from home. Route correspondence to the development team through calls and email notifications to avoid misdirected checks and emails. Coordinate with the facility center clerk and postal clerk to send supplies to Human Resources and redirect misdelivered mail. Coordinate with the operations coordinator the faxes and the internal mail that is supposed to be mail to be delivered to the guests, tenants or clients of PSI.
  • Understand the organization of the inn and the services it offers, taking the advice of the manager or the programs of the inn to direct the appropriate recommendations to visitors and guests. Maintain and update an electronic and printable directory organized by department, but also by frequently accessed topics (eg, bed requests, donations, guest requests).
  • Actively participate in regular HR team meetings and work collaboratively to improve department performance, resolve department-specific issues, and develop high-quality HR systems and processes.
  • Provide limited assistance to staff from Human Resources, the Office of the President, or other Lodge executives on projects and assigned tasks, including performance equity, benefits compensation, workplace health records, maintenance of hiring files, and other attendance.
  • Maintain and update cabinet of necessary employee documentation, eg W-4, M-4, direct deposit, etc.
  • Stock coffee/tea/creamer/sweetener supplies, clean office fridge and microwave as needed, notify HR team of fridge cleaning schedule before major holidays/long weekends.
  • Attend all PSI trainings, including crisis prevention and intervention, purchasing policy, facility center, construction movers, and other tools necessary to complete work assignments
  • Adhere to and model compliance with all PSI policies and procedures, including workplace health and disease prevention policies and procedures
  • Accept reassignment to additional/alternate work locations and/or additional roles in the event of an emergency affecting agency operations
  • Create job aids, including checklists, frequently asked questions, and how to operate the switchboard and HR office. /K/Reception)


Attention to Detail: Works conscientiously, consistently and thoroughly. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the documentation requirements for the position and keeps documentation up to date and accurate. Revisions work for accuracy andmeticulous.

Multitask: Plan and organize your own activities to complete given tasks and projects. Seek clarity on priorities as needed. Self-monitors quality and timeliness of work Uses available resources responsibly.

Customer Orientation: Provides excellent service to employees and/or external partners. Responds to needs in a timely, professional, helpful, and courteous manner. Consistently models appropriate behavior. Strive to consistently meet department goals and standards.

SUPERVISION TO EXERCISE:(Number of direct reports):

SUPERVISION TO RECEIVE:This position is overseen by the Senior Director of Human Resources, but you can and should seek support from any member of the Human Resources Management team.

Pine Street Inn is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

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