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NFL stats and records, divisional round: Joe Burrow posts fifth career playoff victory, Chiefs receive fifth straight AFC Championship January 23, 2023NFL Research presents each week's best nuggets from NFL nfl games. These are the most notable stat achievements of the Divisional Round.
First Reading: Six First Thoughts for the Championship Sunday, January 23, 2023 Will Jalen Hurts and the Eagles take down Christian McCaffrey and the 49ers for the NFC title? Can the Bengals oust the Chiefs for AFC dominance again? Jeffri Chadiha describes six opening thoughts on Championship Sunday.
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The Niners' depth and talent shine through as they beat the Cowboys despite not playing the "best game". Being able to take down a quality opponent certainly doesn't bode well for San Francisco's chances against the Eagles next week, writes's Jim Trotter.
Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy refuses to elaborate on the bizarre final game in a loss to the 49ers on Jan. 22, 2023. The Dallas Cowboys' final game in a loss to the 49ers featured wide forwards and Ezekiel Elliott in the middle. HC Mike McCarthy declined to elaborate on post-match strategy.
2023 NFL draft order: 27 of 31 first-round picks suspended; Cowboys have the 26th pick January 22, 2023 The top 27 picks in the 2023 NFL draft have been announced. Dan Parr and Eric Edholm will provide the updated first-round order along with the requirements for each team ahead of Championship Sunday.
49ers defeat Cowboys, advance to NFC Championship Game to face Eagles January 22, 2023 The San Francisco 49ers defeat the Dallas Cowboys to advance to the NFC Championship Game for the second consecutive year, where they will face the Philadelphia Eagles.
Bengals celebrate playoff powerhouse as they dominate Bills in divisional round January 22, 2023 By defeating the Bills in the divisional round and advancing to a second consecutive appearance in an AFC title game, Joe Burrow and the Bengals celebrated that they are a force to be recognized in the run-up to Super Bowl LVII, writes Judy Battista.
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The Bills' Sean McDermott doesn't think the Super Bowl window is closing after the Bengals' loss: "You learn from that kind of thing."
Bills QB Josh Allen: Bengals loss renders season achievements 'null and void' January 22, 2023 Josh Allen addressed the team's struggles on offense after the game.
Bengals defeat Bills, advance to AFC Championship Game to face Chiefs for second consecutive season January 22, 2023
NFL News Digest: Latest League Updates for Sunday, January 22, keeps you up to date with the latest NFL league news. Visit the transaction center for a daily review.
Bills S. Damar Hamlin will participate in Buffalo's Divisional Round home game against the Bengals on Sunday, January 22, 2023. Bill's safety Damar Hamlin will participate in Buffalo's Divisional Round home game against the Cincinnati Bengals, marking the 24-year-old's first game since playing on Jan. 2 suffered cardiac arrest.
Chiefs backup quarterback Chad Henne leads TD drive to relieve injured Patrick Mahomes: 'You're always ready' Jan 22, 2023 Chiefs backup quarterback Chad Henne recounts his relieved appearance in a round victory divisional over the Jaguars that gave Kansas City a troublesome situation.
The Giants' first season under Brian Daboll ends with a nightmare loss to the Eagles: "Crash Landing" January 22, 2023 New York was knocked out of the playoffs with a 38-7 loss to Philadelphia, a so definitive that they were left at the end of the first quarter it seemed safe. First-year Giants head coach Brian Daboll had to pick up the pieces.
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Eagles' Jalen Hurts returns to form with three touchdowns in win over Giants: "He looked like the old Jalen to me"22. January 2023 After throwing a three-touchdown show in the Eagles' victory over the Giants, quarterback Jalen Hurts appeared to be doing well with his shoulder injury, with teammate Miles Sanders saying he "looked like the old Jalen".
Bengals brace for Joe Burrow extension as off-field business thrives January 22, 2023 When the Bengals play the Bills in the AFC Divisional Round today, they will do so against a thriving off-field business backdrop that should help achieve important football goals (ie an extension of Joe Burrow), reports NFL Network member Ian Rapoport.
NFL Divisional Round: Biggest Winners and Losers from Games Saturday, Jan. 22, 2023 Both No. 1 seeds progressed in their first postseason action, as the Chiefs defeated the Jaguars and the Eagles defeated the Giants. Jeffri Chadiha, reporting from Kansas City, highlights the biggest winners and losers from Saturday's divisional round games.
RB Saquon Barkley can't imagine losing to the Eagles being his 'last time in a Giants uniform'. Imagine if losing was your last time wearing a Giants uniform.
Eagles beat Giants to reach first NFC Championship Game since 2017 Super Bowl winning season January 21, 2023 The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants 38-7 on Saturday to advance to the NFC Championship Game.
Trevor Lawrence upbeat about Jaguars' future: 'This is the beginning not the end' January 21, 2023 Jacksonville Jaguars trail Chiefs in divisional round after tremendous upset in 2022, but field quarterback Trevor Lawrence sees it as "more the beginning than the end of something".
Chiefs HC Andy Reid becomes third coach with 20 playoff wins21. January 2023 Andy Reid's Kansas City Chiefs transitioned into the AFC Championship Game, and Ried climbed into the record books in the process, becoming the third head coach in NFL history to win 20 playoff games.
Chiefs Defeat Jaguars to Advance to Fifth Straight AFC Championship Game January 21, 2023 The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-20 on Saturday to advance to their fifth straight AFC Championship game.
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Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes overcomes ankle injury to return in divisional-round victory over Jaguars January 21, 2023 Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered an ankle injury in the first quarter of a divisional-round game on Saturday against the Jaguars, which kept him out for most of the second quarter, but he came back after halftime to lead Kansas City to victory.
Joey Bosa of the Chargers was fined $55,546 for unsportsmanlike conduct against the Jaguars and was critical of officials.
Ed Reed leaves Bethune-Cookman after contract expires on January 21, 2023 The Ed Reed Foundation took to social media on Saturday to announce that the university has refused to ratify Reed's contract and "the agreement that we had in principle, that had the best deals and resources needed to support student-athletes.”
Idle divisional round for the 2022 NFL season Jan 21, 2023 Idle reports for all four divisional round games of the 2022 NFL season.
NFL News Roundup: Latest League Updates for Saturday, January 21, keeps you up to date with the latest league news from across the NFL. Visit the transaction center for a daily review.
Bengals target 2023 offseason for quarterback Joe Burrows' January 21, 2023 contract extension
Jaguars turnaround with highly productive free agent class of 2022 Jan 21, 2023 The Jacksonville Jaguars went from worst in the NFL to first in their division with a wild card victory after doing their free agent homework months ago.
Tom Brady takes his time before making a decision about the future; Buccaneers players have a feeling he's on his way out.
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Titans GM Ran Carthon wants time to assess quarterback Ryan Tannehill before making decisions
Kahuku Football Coach Sola Soliai's Role in Continuing the Late Matt Faga's Larger Than Life Legacy January 20, 2023 Matt Faga was one of three football coaches at Kahuku High School who died within one year. Kahuku coach Sola Soliai discusses Faga's immense impact on the championship program and his own role in continuing Faga's larger-than-life legacy.


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