List of the best cleaning products for home cleaners (2023)

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The Ultimate Guide: The 21 Best Household Cleaning Products

Listed below are the 21 best household cleaning products. Here is a list of cleaning supplies for the cleaning company. Traditional, natural and non-toxic cleaning products.

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The list of cleaning products could be endless, but we've narrowed it down to the essentials.

Of course, we don't recommend bringing all your cleaning supplies to every home you clean. Quality cleaning can only be guaranteed with the right cleaning materials and equipment that you need.

Updated May 7, 2020: Incentive products to sanitize your home while you clean up after illness

OdoBan cleaners and disinfectantsIt isCleaning and disinfecting product.And leaves a wonderful scent. If you're considering using it with a sanitizing nebulizer, that's the case with the OdoBan tooa specialSpray on deodorant/disinfectant.

disinfection spray machine.This has become a must during winter and strong virus outbreaks. That is alight portable machineEspecially useful for small house cleaning teams.

protective mask Cleaning your home is very important in 2020.

disposable towelThese towels do not need to be washed. Throw it away when you're done.

shoemaker's apron.Adjustable shoulder straps with deep pockets. as small as 2XL. Available in 25 colors to match your brand.

Make a list of cleaning supplies.

Cleaning a home can be as easy or as tedious as any other service activity.

You won't know which household cleaners you need until you get home.

Let's be honest: sometimes what we judge on our first tour is not what we find when we offer cleaning services.

So it's a good idea to bring any cleaning supplies you may need, especially if this is your first time cleaning. Then you can start shrinking from there.

There's nothing quite like going to work cleaning the house for the first or tenth time without having simpler tools like plastic scraper blades for removing wax from candles and the like.

Or there are not enough nylon scouring pads to properly clean your stove.

There's nothing more embarrassing than showing up to a professionally cleaned home without basic household cleaning supplies.

there is nothing! 😒

Here's why you need these essential professional household cleaners

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A simple job can quickly become a burden.

For example:Let's say you estimate the value of a $100 house and need 2.5 hours to properly clean it yourself. Well, if a plastic scraper is needed to remove candle wax residue from polished marble countertops, how else can it be removed without damaging the surface?

Polished marble is not granite and even the most harmless cleaning products can cause damage. Even some hair products can damage polished marble. The effort required to remove wax can easily add 20 minutes to your day.This is a waste of time and money!

Another example:Let's say you forgot to bring a nylon scouring pad in the same house. (Actually, we prefer nylon pads over metal. They're safer for all types of surfaces, including glass!)

So you decide to use a metal scrubber to remove the grease deposits from your stovetop. Well, vigorous scrubbing with metal wool can result in minor scratches. And I'm pretty sure you don't want to pay your customers for repairs.

Professional repairs can easily start as low as $100. In this case, you can pay your customers for the privilege of cleaning their home.

Not cool at all!

Both hypothetical situations justify the need to have all the necessary materials and equipment to carry out a professional cleaning of your home.

The result can be lost time, which translates into money in this service industry.

Or loss of money due to repair bills caused by improper cleaning.

It is important that you have as many cleaning materials and equipment available for your private customers as possible.

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Here is our list of the 21 best household cleaning products

1. Multipurpose cleaner for disinfection. Washable surfaces for the whole house. we recommendseventh generationas a natural solution. You can also use Dawn, yes Dawn Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid, as a great all-purpose cleaner.
2. Window cleaner.We love this product. If using a spray makes your nose itchy, you can buy itspray channelCloths for cleaning glass. It can not only be used for glass.

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3. Pulido. Some furniture looks a lot better with just a touchto ensurepolished. Now you can buy Pledge asantibacterial cleanernext to! You can buy the product in different scents or aswet wipesIt's all your preference, um, sorry, your client's preference.
4. Polished stainless steel.we recommendSheila is beamingOil based polish. As you know there are many different types of stainless steel finishes and sometimes water based polishes do not leave a perfect finish. When purchasing this item, be careful not to overspray.
5. Liquid stain remover.We have been using this product for many years. This removes stubborn stains such as rust, mineral deposits and limescale. we recommendBar owner's friend.Use as needed, allowing extra time to thoroughly rinse the area to remove any residue. (Can also be used asfoam spray, Yes! )
6. Vinegar.we useVinegarIt is mainly used to clean floors. Just a small amount is enough. Because we live in the Midwest (USA), we change and useMrs. Meyer's clean-up day, in the winter.
7. Alcohol.Yes! It's a great cleaning and disinfecting product. Excellent for removing hard water stains from shower glass, especially in homes that prefer an all-natural cleaning solution. Be very careful near the marbles!
8. Air freshener. We only use the spray when necessary. Some customers want a fresh scent in their home.flying windcan do the job. It has a variety of scents, such asallergen reducerand pet deodorant.
9. Magic eraser.Without them, we simply would not enter a house. You can clean flat painted walls without leaving any residue! Actually! We find the value of itGenie-BlockWhen cleaning non-slip surfaces on the bathtub floor.
10. Impressive. ...reallyToll.Excellent as a rapid degreaser. Be sure to rinse well. Also, don't leave it on for too long as it can remove the color. We have used this cleaner on our ceiling fan blades and it has worked wonders. Note: Ventilate when cleaning with this product. Your nose may be itchy.
11. Loosen the carpet spray paint. If you agree to remove the spot from the client's home, that's the casecleanserGood results.
12. Acid-free toilet cleaner.If you don't want to use Bar Keepers Friend or other sanitizing cleaning products, you need a quality toilet cleaner. Whether or not to use bleach is at your discretion and customer preference.
13. CLR-Profiausgabe.large bathroomTub and tile cleaner.Removes really hard water, soap scum and dirt without damaging the surfaces. (Note: You must pay attention to the surface being cleaned for it to be efficient and effective.

List of the best cleaning products for home cleaners (4)

14. Nylon cleaningPad.Every family has at least three. Ideal for cleaning countertops, ranges, appliances, bathroom surfaces, glassware and more.
15. Gloves. long nitrile gloves.Which type you buy is ultimately a matter of taste, but we strongly recommend that you wear gloves when cleaning.
16. Towels. Microfiber works great. We particularly like the terry cloth. They are super absorbent and are great for bathrooms and kitchens. we use too100% cotton towel (T-shirt)Because they leave a lint-free surface when cleaning glassware.
17. Plastic scraperblade.Plastic because it can scratch soft surfaces without risk of damage.
18. Sherpasdust collector. Oh yeah. We typically use two per household. One long and one short. They cut our dust removal time in half. They are great for removing cobwebs and are ideal for hard-to-reach places like under radiators and on the sides of furniture. I also add. washable! !

List of the best cleaning products for home cleaners (5)
19. Brush.toothbrushFor tile joints. hand trumpet skinfloor grout brush.Long handle for toilet. (only if your customer does not provide it to you).
20. Cylinder, upright or backpack vacuum cleaner.The same applies here: your preference. We would recommend aCommercial canister vacuums like this oneThese vacuum cleaners are extremely lightweight and can be used with HEPA filters. Do not forget about accessories, columns, furniture and tools for stairs.
21. Mopps.Or you like to clean all hard floors. We've always preferred itO-cedar Light Thirsty Mop.Simple, washable and effective.

Updated May 7, 2020: Incentive products to sanitize your home while you clean up after illness

OdoBan cleaners and disinfectantsIt isCleaning and disinfecting product.And leaves a wonderful scent. If you want to use it in your disinfection fogger, OdoBan also offers you the possibilityA special atomized deodorant/sanitizer.

disinfection spray machine.This has become a must during winter and strong virus outbreaks. That is alight portable machineEspecially useful for small house cleaning teams.

protective maskThis is a must have for house cleaning in 2020!

disposable towelThese towels do not need to be sterilized. Just wash it off when you're done.

If you want the cheat sheet, you can download it for free. We keep it in our "Professional Cleaning Kit" which is our resource library. Just enter your name and we'll send it to the email address you left in the form below.

By the way, we also keep a list of all cleaning products for your customers, which is very easy. Simply maintain an individual customer profile worksheet for each customer.

Fill out this form to receive a free copy...

If you are looking for more professional cleaning tools to explore,Take a look at our online shop.The store has e-books and printed books specifically for home and commercial cleaning businesses.

Use these professional cleaning products preventively

As I write this I have to mention a few things...

1) It is illegal to use any of these products for any purpose other than its intended purpose. All are intended for cleaning. 2) The above description is just an example of the product. You can get a safety data sheet for each product before you buy it. 3) Recommended items are based solely on our 25 years of actual customer experience. 4) Provide fresh air or ventilation when using above chemicals. Take precautions. 5) It is also recommended to test the chemical product on an inconspicuous surface beforehand.forwardcomplete application. It is important to know the surface to be cleaned.

It's best to make sure you can use these products in your customers' homes as well.

As mentioned above, get to know your customers personally. If your customers insist on using all-natural cleaning products, use an all-natural product. The seventh generation is doing well! Try other brands or make your own household cleaners.

If your customer prefers more traditional chemical products and wants a scent, what to give them?you want to.As long as it doesn't affect your health. This is definitely your choice.

Regardless of the clientele, some items can simply be kept on hand. We all know that our residential customers can range from single males to multi-generational families living in tiny homes. However, the customer isThey areThe needs we meet.

Singles needs may require more product as it may not be collected within the 2 week intervals we clean. Multi-generational households may only want us to clean floors, bathrooms, and kitchens, since cleaning is in between. So keep this in mind when choosing a product.

When it comes to using household cleaning chemicals, educate yourself about the climate in which you clean.

Also consider climate change in your supply area. If you offer beach house cleaning services, this is an excellent investment in a quality HEPA vacuum. Preserved or standing.

If you are cleaning in an area with cold winters and lots of snow. However, keep in mind that ice melters used outdoors can leave a terrible residue on the floor and the additional cleaning time has to be factored into the price. Also, additional products may need to be used to accommodate both of these extreme weather conditions.

Finally, remember this. You are a professional and being well informed depends on you. After all, these are just 21 of our best household cleaners.

“I think luck is about being willing to take chances. If the opportunity comes and you're not ready, you're out of luck.”Oprah Winfrey

Have fun cleaning!

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