I've always thought at-home laser hair removal devices were complete nonsense. By then I got rid of my facial hair within 4 weeks (2023)

I've always thought at-home laser hair removal devices were complete nonsense. By then I got rid of my facial hair within 4 weeks (1)

I've always thought at-home laser hair removal devices were complete nonsense. By then I got rid of my facial hair within 4 weeks (2)

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I'm not exaggerating when I say I tried.EveryPossible ways to get rid of the thick darknesshair on my face(fucking hormones) - so I can safely say they're all bad. waxed andsoakingIt is painful,tweezersvery boring,shaveIt cracked my dry skin, Nair smelled like rotten eggs, professional lasers were so expensive and slow (and painful) that I didn't think they were worth it, and the home IPL machines barely worked.

But because I was so uncomfortable with my beard (...I'll never forget a kid in high school who called me a "goatee" before class. To this day, I've never felt too ashamed), I always have Suffering a little during the removal process meant trying different options hoping to find one that wasn't really bad.

Finally, finally! - My search has thanksRose Skin Co Lumi IPL Hair Removal Headphones(189 $).

Rose Skin Co, IPL Lumi Hair Removal Device - $189.00

Was $229, now $189


  • It works quickly and efficiently (real results!)
  • cheaper than in-office treatment
  • elegant and discreet
  • without pain
  • quick and easy to use


  • It's not designed for all skin tones, which is disappointing.
  • It takes weeks to see results (compared to instant solutions)

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How Lumi works

I've always thought at-home laser hair removal devices were complete nonsense. By then I got rid of my facial hair within 4 weeks (4)

IPL— or “intense pulsed light” — is one of the most common forms of laser hair removal technology in the home and office. "It uses pulses of light to damage the hair to the roots," he says.Semi Dmirovich, co-founderGlo SpaIn NYC. It does this by targeting and destroying the pigment in the hair follicle. “The heat from these laser pulses damages the hair follicle until it is permanently destroyed. They expose the targeted hair follicle to the high-energy beam without damaging the surrounding skin structure.”

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The Lumi packs all of this into an ergonomic, easy-to-hold device that's basically the size of my hand. There are six different intensity levels (which you can adjust with the push of a button). The brand recommends starting with the lowest tier and increasing by one tier each week.

The only problem with IPL is that it works best when there is contrast between the skin and hair. So if you have fair skin and light hair, or dark skin and dark hair, it might not work as well. As in people with darker skin. light hair or combinations of light skin and dark hair. Understandably one of the biggest issues I've ever had with this device: MerealI wish it would work on all skin tones, but it's frustrating to see how immature the technology is.

how to use Rose Skin Co Lumi

To get the best resultsRose Skin Co LumiStart with clean, dry skin and make sure any hair you want to remove is completely shaved off (this makes IPL treatment right at the roots easier).

When you turn on the machine, you can press a button, you will hear it start buzzing. From there, you can choose between three modes: Stamp (this requires you to press a button each time you want to move a point, and is best for smaller, more specific areas like the bikini line, face, and armpits), Glide (Device will flash every half second while button is held down, recommended for larger areas like arms and legs) and Auto (basically the same as Glide except you don't have to hold the button down).

How often you use the device is entirely up to you, but the brand recommends opting for a weekly rhythm. You should start seeing results after the first 3-4 uses and expect to be balding in all the right places after 12 uses.

What happens if I try?

Considering how many times I've been let down by home hair removal devices, that's exactly what I expected from Lumi.VeryWhen he showed up at my door two months ago, he was in a bad way. But when I took it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised.SchönIt is, and it's decided it's a step above the competition simply because it's small enough to fit in my bathroom cabinet (if I need to pull out a device, I don't stand a chance). I plan to use it eventually, consistency is key in laser hair removal).

I debated which area to test the device on, but finally settled on my face. I was a bit nervous that it would stain my skin or cause discoloration (IPL can happen) but in the end I figured it would be the quickest. to heal the area, which means I lose the least amount of time if it doesn't work. Like I said, even though I know my olive skin andVeryDark hair made me the ideal candidate.

For my first treatment, I turned the power on to level 3 (...simply because I was impatient and thought I would be fine as I had previously done an IPL), put the device in seal mode and got to work . I run it over my freshly shaved chin, chin, cheeks and mustache (...I havea lotfacial hair, y'all) and pushes the button about every quarter of an inch. It doesn't hurt at all, it feels like a quick smack and flash most of the time, which is a welcome surprise considering I had to give up a pro project a few years ago because it was so painful.

Considering I've had such bad experiences with at-home laser hair removal devices in the past, I really thought I'd imagine what would happen a few days later when my facial hair seemed to be thinning, which is usually required wasWeekLook at the outcome of these things (that is, if they ever happened). But I stuck with the weekly sessions, the performance level gradually increased and by the sixth session hair growth had almost stopped. To illustrate: I used to have to shave every other day; Now, after using Lumi for two months, I can do IPL sessions every other day.Week.

While the results are technically permanent, you should still keep them (which is why I continue to use the device regularly). At some point it should come to the point where I only need touch-ups every few months, but we're still a long way from that.

After seeing such great results with my facial hair, I started using Lumi on other parts of my body (legs, armpits, and bikini line), but it wasn't enough to get real results.

For what it's worth, I'm not the only one who sees the Lumi as a game changer. The device is inRose Skin Co. websiteSeveral users say it's a great investment (and while $189 may seem expensive, it's certainly less than the cost of professional treatment and about as much as 10 $20 mustache wax sessions) .

“I've used my phone three times so far and I've noticed a huge difference. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and one of the symptoms is excess hair. For years I had to shave my beard every day and I'm completely sick of it. That (as every woman should be). Wearing a beard and shaving every day is a blow to my self-esteem and makes me feel masculine on some level," wrote one Road reviewer. “I'm obsessed with the ease of use of this product! The Lumi is a game changer for at-home hair removal. It's super quick, easy and painless to use. So far my hair has grown back to a lesser extent. This device gives me" "I'm so impressed I can't wait to see my results in 12 weeks," said another.

To think I've spentdecadesI've undergone expensive, painful, and ineffective treatments to get rid of my facial hair, and the thought that I've done it fills me with almost exhilarationlast but not leastI've found something that's not just *not* bad, it's very, very good.

But wait, there's more!

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I've always thought at-home laser hair removal devices were complete nonsense. By then I got rid of my facial hair within 4 weeks (6) I've always thought at-home laser hair removal devices were complete nonsense. By then I got rid of my facial hair within 4 weeks (7)

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