House cleaning after construction work | How to organize cleaning services after construction. (2023)

How complex is the final cleaning?

This question cannot really be answered with a simple yes or no. Many factors contribute to the answer.

Post-build cleanup is very similar to regular cleanup, but with a few additional steps that require more skill. If you're the type of person who likes to clean and you're good at it, this project won't be too much for you. On the other hand, if you tend to resort to cleaning services when you need a deep cleaning of your home, you should also consider post-construction cleaning services.

The work that needs to be done for thorough cleaning after construction requires many special tools such as wet and dry vacuum cleaners, commercially available floor polishers, steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners. Most of them can be rented from a local hardware store, but if you're unsure of your ability to use these tools, consider hiring professional cleaners.

Read a list below to help you decide whether to do the construction cleanup yourself or hire someone to clean up the construction mess.

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Should I hire a construction cleaning crew?

Many homeowners tend to overlook hiring professional help, as post-construction cleanup costs can be quite high. However, when you add up all the materials needed to clean everything yourself, the cost to the pros can be equal to the cost of the equipment or less. Just research how much cleaning works for domestic services costs in your area and compare what the final cost of renting the equipment is.

If so, check out these reasons why calling the pros can benefit you:

safety problems

Professional construction cleanup crews understand the dangers of cleaning up after a major construction project. From broken glass to loose nails, the professionals know what to look for to minimize clutter and get the job done with excellence.


Anyone can clean, but cleaning professionals know more about post-construction cleanup procedures. You've learned the best methods and equipment for cleaning surfaces and all types of stains. Also, professional cleaners know the places that many people overlook.



The cost of hiring the right crew for post-construction cleanup can skyrocket. Also, you may find it difficult to use right away. This is where paying for post-construction cleaning services can be most efficient, as long as they have the necessary equipment and know how to use it.

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Why You Should Do Your Own Post Construction Cleanup

We've listed several reasons why you should hire a professional to clean up after the construction process, but there are also some reasons to do the job yourself.

First, you know its use better than anyone else. You know those little nooks and crannies in your home that a lot of people might overlook. Also, everyone knows that since you live here, nobody cleans your house better than you. They will make sure everything is absolutely spotless, as this is your safe place to spend most of your time.

If you also find the right business to rent the equipment you need for post-site cleaning, it will cost you a lot less than hiring a professional. This process takes a lot of time and patience, but it can be pretty easy to figure out how to get rid of all the dust and debris once you get the hang of it.

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Post construction cleaning checklist

Cleaning materials after construction.

  1. Broom
  2. hard bristle brush
  3. hand brush and dustpan
  4. mop and bucket
  5. Putzlappen
  6. microfibras
  7. plumeros
  8. sponges
  9. plastic panels
  10. Scotch tape
  11. spatula
  12. general purpose cleaner
  13. white wine vinegar
  14. hydrogen peroxide
  15. window cleaning solution
  16. Garbage bag

Cleaning tools after construction.

These are equipment that may be needed for specific jobs that need to be done for building general cleaning jobs. You should stop by your property and see which machines are essential for saving money.

  1. High performance vacuum cleaner (workshop vacuum)
  2. Wet/dry vacuum (best if you have a high efficiency particulate air filter)
  3. carpet cleaner
  4. Wax and polish floors
  5. high pressure cleaner
  6. steam cleaner

personal protective equipment

In addition to all the equipment and consumables we've listed for post-construction cleanup, you'll need vital safety equipment for cleaning a construction site.

Contractors may have left behind broken glass, nails, and other hazardous materials that could injure you during the cleanup. Therefore, you should always wear closed-toe shoes with rubber soles when doing a post-renovation cleaning process. You should also wear a dust mask to protect your lungs from harmful debris and dust, and eye protection to prevent irritation that could get into your eyes.

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  1. rubber sole shoes
  2. rubber gloves
  3. Staubmaske
  4. Safety glasses (or other eye protection)

Cleaning process after construction.

Once you've gathered all of the necessary supplies, gear, and protective gear, it's time to begin the long process. The first part of general building cleaning is preparation for the actual test. You should focus on removing the dust and grime left over from the construction phase.

Site cleaning before and after work

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Step 1: Seal with plastic

Before vacuuming the dust, get some plastic wrap and masking tape and seal any unaffected gaps. Wrap plastic around walls and doors, as well as vents and any other openings to protect yours.Air-conditioning system.

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Step 2: Sweep

Start light cleaning with a sweep. Use a soft-bristled broom to sweep each affected area with as much fine dust as possible. You should also sweep the ceiling, ceiling fans and walls to remove debris.

You should always sweep from the farthest point from the front door and work your way out.

more or less clean

Once most of the coarse dirt has been removed, you'll need to move on to the coarse cleaning portion of the building cleaning. This is the second stage of the entire process where you focus on gathering and removing larger pieces of external work.

Step 3: Lightly wipe

Start by removing construction debris. It could be things like nails, glass, and traces of dust.

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Step 4: Stains

Use a sponge or microfiber pad with your favorite cleaner to remove stains, paint splatters, and adhesive residue from walls and floors.

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Step 5: Window

To start, use a dry cloth with window cleanerclean windows🇧🇷 Also clean window frames, glass doors, interior windows and partitions at this stage.

House cleaning after construction work | How to organize cleaning services after construction. (8)

Step 6: Vacuum

Grab your wet and dry vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming up any leftover dust you missed while sweeping.

deep cleaning

At this stage of construction cleanup, you need to take care of more detailed parts of the process. This includes detailing the floor, walls, air ducts and other detailed items.

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Step 7: Kitchen and Bathroom

Grab an all-purpose cleaner and focus on that.kitchenybathroom areas🇧🇷 Be sure to clean out closets and other small crevices that may exist in these rooms.

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Step 8: Funds

Start by cleaning the floor with a damp cloth or mop. Be sure to start at the furthest point of each room and head towards the door.

If you notice scratches, use a sponge dipped in a mixture of vinegar and water to gently remove them.

House cleaning after construction work | How to organize cleaning services after construction. (10)

Step 9: Walls and light fixtures

Use a damp cloth to clean the walls of dust and other particles. While you're at it, take care of light fixtures, doors, baseboards, and cabinets.

Step 10: Last element

As a last step, take care of all the rugs you have at home. Vacuum it up and give it a thorough cleaning by spraying it with some baking soda for a few hours. Then release it.

repair drywall stud construction

After a few days of post-construction cleaning, more dust may have accumulated on flat surfaces and the like. Smudges and fingerprints can also come off after cleaning the building. That's when you need to complete the last phase of the entire process.

Step 11: Prepare-if

Use a damp microfiber to wipe away the last traces of construction. It could be things like fingerprints plus dust and unnoticed pain splashes.

House cleaning after construction work | How to organize cleaning services after construction. (11)

cleaning tips

  1. Construction work can affect your new floor covering. That's why it's important to use a non-toxic cleaning solution to prevent further damage.
  2. Check the floor cleaning solution ingredients and be sure to use a specific floor cleaner for your floor type.
  3. Larger projects like a house require much more time and effort to complete a clean build. If you are working on projects like this, consider purchasing a steam cleaner. A rod cleaner speeds up the whole process and leaves beautiful results.
  4. One of the best cleaning products on the market isFortador Volt Mini🇧🇷 If you want to know more about this machine, please visit the website for more information.


What is cleaning after construction called? ›

Post-construction cleaning is a cleaning service done to new or renovated buildings. From the word itself, “post-construction,” it is understood that this cleaning is done after the construction part. A construction contractor may do a general cleaning of debris, but detailed cleaning is not part of their job anymore.

What are the three phases of post construction cleaning? ›

Post Construction Cleaning Phases
  • Rough Interior Cleaning. The first phase is rough interior cleaning. ...
  • Final Interior Cleanup. Final interior cleanup is the process of detailing the structure after construction is complete. ...
  • Exterior Cleaning. The last phase of post construction work is exterior cleaning.
Jan 27, 2020

How do you clean up after construction dust? ›

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

Dry dusting is the safest way to remove the particles without damaging a wall's surface, but a damp cloth can also be used depending on your type of paint or wall covering. Refer to the paint or wallpaper manufacturer before using any moisture, and test a small area before proceeding.

Should contractor clean up after themselves? ›

While most contractors clean up some of the superficial mess left behind, they expect the owners to do the post construction cleaning. However, it is possible to add a clause in your contract for the contractors to take care of the cleaning.

What is the first activity done by the housekeeper before cleaning? ›

ALWAYS sweep or vacuum before mopping

Vacuuming or sweeping ensures that you get the dust and debris off the floor before getting it wet. Things like wet hair, for instance, can be extremely difficult to clean up off floors, and sweeping or vacuuming can help prevent that headache.

What are the duties of a construction cleaner? ›

Duties can include cleaning windows inside and out, dusting and washing all surfaces, removing stickers on windows and appliances, hauling away the last of the construction debris, polishing all the interior glass, marble, and tile surfaces, dusting and washing walls and ceilings, and vacuuming the floors.

Why is post construction cleaning important? ›

Cleaning up after any construction work is necessary to not only remove dirt, debris, and waste but also give the space the finishing touch it needs. With professional construction cleaning services, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned above, as well as saving yourself time, money, and energy while maximizing safety.

What are the duties of construction clean up? ›

A construction cleanup contractor cleans up and/or removes from building grounds or structures any debris resultant from any construction project including but not limited to: concrete, dirt, scrap lumber, plaster, drywall, any paint or adhesive products from windows, floors, ceramic tile and bathroom fixtures.

What are the 7 stages of cleaning? ›

7 Steps to Effective Cleaning & Sanitising
  • Scrape.
  • Rinse (first time)
  • Apply detergent.
  • Rinse (again)
  • Sanitise.
  • Rinse (last time)
  • Dry.

What are the four basic cleaning procedures? ›

The 4 Steps of Effective Cleaning
  • Step One: Remove Debris. The very first thing to do in order to clean effectively is to clear and remove debris from the surface. ...
  • Step Two: Wipe Down Surfaces. ...
  • Step Three: Disinfect Surfaces. ...
  • Step Four: Sanitize Surfaces.
Jul 19, 2021

How long does construction dust stay in the air? ›

Because of its small particle size, it can stay in the air for up to 12 days. Sometimes, when we don't see dust, we might still smell it e.g. if a room smells “like concrete” cement can be circulating in the air.

How harmful is construction dust? ›

Exposure to respirable crystalline silica dust during construction activities can cause serious or fatal respiratory disease. Employers and workers can take several steps to reduce exposures and lower risks.

How do you remove construction dust from concrete? ›

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water (50/50). This acidic mixture works well for cleaning concrete dust.

What do you clean before company comes over? ›

  1. Do the dishes​ This should go without saying, but nobody wants to eat and drink around a sink full of dirty dishes. ...
  2. Clear the clutter​ ...
  3. Sanitize and dust high-traffic areas​ ...
  4. Focus on the floors. ...
  5. Check the front door​ ...
  6. Clean out the fridge​ ...
  7. Scrub the guest bathroom​ ...
  8. Remove the stink​
Dec 7, 2022

How much should I give a contractor up front? ›

Avoid paying in cash. Contractors cannot ask for a deposit of more than 10 percent of the total cost of the job or $1,000, whichever is less. * (This applies to any home improvement project, including swimming pools.)

What should a cleaning contract include? ›

Your proposal should include at least the following information:
  • Job details (description of tasks)
  • Estimated completion time.
  • Hourly or job rate (whichever your business prefers)
  • Regular cleaning schedule.
  • Total cost.

How many rooms can a housekeeper clean per day? ›

An average housekeeper is expected to clean about 15 to 20 rooms in a typical shift, which means he or she must maintain a fast working pace, which creates additional dangers. The worker may be required to scrub floors on their knees because many hotels do not provide long-handled mops.

How do housekeepers clean so fast? ›

Make Every Movement Count

Professional cleaners don't circle a room more than once. Taking their place before the bathroom sink, they'll spray and wipe the mirror, scrub the sink, wipe down counters and polish fixtures before they move one inch to the right or left.

What cleaning duties do you expect to handle? ›

Cleaners tidy, disinfect and sanitize offices, homes, hotels and other residential and commercial facilities. Cleaner duties and responsibilities typically include sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors, dusting various surfaces, cleaning bathrooms and stocking and maintaining supply rooms.

What are the duties of a cleaning manager? ›

Cleaning Managers supervise janitorial operations in a building and coordinate cleaning staff. Common activities these professionals complete are checking if facilities are cleaned correctly, assigning tasks, investigating client complaints, ordering supplies, creating schedules, and training employees.

How clean is a builders clean? ›

This includes vacuuming and mopping. Windows, window sills, tracks and window frames are cleaned meticulously. Walls are cleaned. Fittings and fixtures are all wiped down and thoroughly clean this includes light fittings, light shades, toilet roll holders, bents, taps, cupboards inside and out, pantries.

Why is good housekeeping important in construction? ›

On construction sites, good housekeeping refers to the practice of keeping your site clean and tidy. A tidy work area reduces the risk of accidents and increases fire safety. Implement these 10 rules, and you should see a reduction in slip and trip accidents and near misses on your project.

Why cleaning services are important? ›

A deep, professional cleaning is an important factor in keeping your workforce healthier and can help reduce the spread of the latest virus. A thorough cleaning of the entire workplace is a critical aspect in warding off the spread of disease.

What is the 1 hour cleaning method? ›

What is the one-hour cleaning method? Belle's one-hour cleaning method involves dedicating a single hour of your time to nothing else but cleaning. At the end of that hour, you can reward yourself with a timed break: Scroll away on socials, binge your favorite Netflix show, or whip up a snack.

What are the 5 types of cleaning? ›

What are the types of cleaning in housekeeping? The types of housekeeping services are domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, general cleaning, deep cleaning, builders' cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, event and party cleaning, and medical cleaning.

What are the 3 Recognised types of cleaning? ›

What are the three recognised types of cleaning Conclusion
  • If you want regular cleaning to keep your place tidy — choose the Daily option;
  • If there is a mess you need to get rid of, or you are operating a food company — pick the Deep Cleaning option;
  • End of Tenancy cleaning is the hardest option available.
Jul 25, 2022

What are the three cleans? ›

The 3 Types of Clean: Cleaned, Sanitized and Disinfected
  • CLEANING WITH CLARITY. To clean is to remove dirt, debris, dust and other unwanted materials from surfaces. ...
  • SANITIZING MADE SIMPLE. Sanitizing is a step up from cleaning. ...
Jul 16, 2020

What is the most important part of cleaning? ›

Contact time is perhaps the most crucial part of any washing or cleaning process as it applies to all facets of cleaning.

What are the 8 steps in cleaning? ›

Feb 4, 2020

What are the two methods of cleaning? ›

Mechanical cleaning. Clean-in-place cleaning.

How long does it take for construction dust to settle? ›

Particles of 15µm–100µm in diameter (inhalable) can settle within 1 minute; in larger rooms, air volume will extend the time needed for settling. Particles less than 10µm in diameter (thoracic) will take about 3 minutes to settle.

Can construction dust make you sick? ›

Regularly breathing construction dust can cause diseases like lung cancer, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and silicosis. Construction workers have a high risk of developing these diseases because many common construction tasks can create high dust levels.

How do you clean construction dust off concrete floors? ›

Here are some cleaning solutions you can use.
  1. Hydrogen peroxide: Pour 12 ounces of hydrogen peroxide into a gallon of water to make an effective cleaner. ...
  2. White vinegar solution: A 50/50 vinegar and water solution can help you remove concrete dust.
Apr 11, 2022

What is the fastest way to get rid of construction dust? ›

Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove dust quickly and efficiently. It may take more than one pass to remove considerable dust accumulation.
For post-renovation cleaning, you'll need:
  1. A broom or long-handled duster.
  2. A wet-dry vacuum.
  3. Microfiber cloth.
  4. Plastic sheeting.

How long can dust stay in the air? ›

Fine dust is invisible to the human eye and can only be seen if there is a lot of it in the air (clouds of dust). Because of its small particle size, it can stay in the air for up to 12 days.

Is construction dust cancerous? ›

Health risks

The main dust-related diseases affecting construction workers are: lung cancer; silicosis; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);

Do air purifiers help with construction dust? ›

Air-cleaning machines such as air purifiers, air scrubbers and blowers are designed to draw in construction dust from the air surrounding these devices and remove them from the area, leaving only fresh, clean air in the area.

How do you clean drywall dust off your lungs? ›

Treatment For Drywall Dust
  1. Take deep breaths and cough. It may sound simple, but your respiratory system has a built-in defence mechanism that expels unwanted intruders. ...
  2. Gargle with salt water. ...
  3. Use a humidifier. ...
  4. Rinse out your mouth and sinuses. ...
  5. Drink Warm Herbal Tea.
Mar 24, 2022

Is it OK to breathe concrete dust? ›

Crystalline silica is found in materials. such as concrete, masonry and rock. When these mate- rials are made into a fine dust and suspended in the air, breathing in these fine particles can produce lung damage. Silicosis can be totally disabling and may lead to death.

Can breathing in concrete dust hurt you? ›

Unfortunately, inhaling concrete dust can cause serious and even fatal diseases such as silicosis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and lung cancer because it usually contains silica.

How do you clean construction dust off tile? ›

How do you remove construction dust from tile floors?
  1. Step 1: Vacuum carefully. The first step is to vacuum your tile floors thoroughly. ...
  2. Step 2: Mop your tile floors. Once you've vacuumed your tile floors, you should mop them.
Mar 1, 2022

What is the best cleaner for concrete basement floor? ›

You'll just use a mop and a bucket of water mixed with a mild cleaner. Don't use ammonia, bleach or any highly acidic substance on polished or stamped floors. Some good cleaners include Castile soap, liquid dish detergent, stone cleaners and mild floor cleaners.

Can you use Dawn to clean concrete floors? ›

Interior Concrete Floors:

Clean with water. Use a mild detergent as needed. Such as Dove or Ivory dish soap. Do Not use Dawn, Simple Green, Ammonia or harsh cleaners as they will work to damage and even strip the wax.

How do you clean a basement floor after construction? ›

If a concrete or concrete-block surface is especially dirty, add detergent and a quarter cup of ammonia to a bucket of warm water and brush the solution over the surface with a stiff nylon brush. (Never use a metallic brush; metallic fibers can get trapped in the concrete and rust.)


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