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A movie I've seen recently that I think is well deserved is the movie Harriet. According to IMDb (Internet Movie Database), this movie is based on the emotional and inspiring life of a legendary African-American freedom fighter. Harriet tells the extraordinary story of Harriet Tubman's escape from slavery and her transformation into one of America's greatest heroes. This movie was released on November 1, 2019 and has a rating of 6.5/10 on IMDb. Harriet Tubman was born a slave in Dorchester, Maryland, she escaped slavery and walked alone over 100 miles to freedom in Pennsylvania. Her original name was Araminta Ross, but she went by the name "Minty". When she escaped from slavery, she changed her name to Harriet Tubman.

Risking her life many times over the years, Harriet made a total of thirteen trips back to Maryland and the southern United States to rescue dozens of other slaves. One of the strengths of this film is that it tells Tubman's story directly and without embellishment, without preaching or pitying, condescending or scolding. This film was written by director Kasi Lemmons in collaboration with Gregory Allen Howard, who is also the screenwriter behind the inspiring fact-based drama Remember the Titans in 2000. "Harriet" draws enormous emotional power from the presentation of difficult times and lots of difficult historical facts in a serious documentary style.

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This film is important to history because it is based on a real person and events and educates our younger generation about the struggle our ancestors went through. However, this movie got a lot of mixed reviews and at first I was skeptical about watching this movie, but I have to say, having read Harriet Tubman thoroughly before watching this movie, I'm glad I didn't. Don't pass this. This movie is very passionate and really shows who Harriet was as a person, depicts her accomplishments and does a great job of being an entertaining movie.

Some people might say that this movie glorifies one race more than another, but in my opinion, it showed Harriet fighting for humanity with black and white allies. There are white slave owners who are portrayed realistically and I was disgusted by the horrible mentality they had and how they abused their slaves, but there are also black slave catchers who help slave owners get their slaves back, sometimes brutally harsh, but it goes to show once again that this movie tries to show that the Underground Railroad and the anti-slavery movement were unconditionally supported by both races. During the difficult moments of my life I have always compared my life to that of my ancestors as slaves and felt grateful because I cannot imagine how my ancestors did not go extinct in the terrible conditions they were subjected to. Harriet Tubman was an incredible woman and every time I hear from her it is amazing how much she has accomplished to survive with such meager means.

I really liked this movie because it highlighted his strong belief in God. This changed the common narrative that Christianity was only valuable to white slaveholders to subdue the slaves, but in fact, despite the slaveholders' intentions to introduce Christianity to the slaves, it gained traction again due to to faith in Christ and his suffering. produced this tale that gave hope to the slaves. . I believe that Harriet had spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit because she did things that were humanly impossible, but with God all things are possible. It is believed that she had these visions after an angry overseer threw a two-pound iron weight at a slave who was trying to escape from her, accidentally hitting Harriet on the head. I hate that many black people don't know our history very well and the parts they do know serve to enslave them instead of using those stories to empower them and give them hope.

The overall impression of this film is exceptional. Detailed and authentic, the pre-war setting perfectly captures the setting and moods of a nation caught up in the relentless struggle between freedom and slavery. According to an article by Collen Curran of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, this movie was shot in Virginia in some of the most difficult weather conditions last year from late July through November. In my opinion, this movie was a perfect fit for Virginia because of its historical setting. Everything in this movie seemed so real, especially the scene where Harriet crosses the river. Being in a setting that had a tragic history and the presence of slavery made this movie immensely authentic because the cast did such a great job playing these characters. Also, there were so many night scenes and I was amazed at how well the director managed to get the lighting just right. Much of the film is set in heavily forested areas and shows the routes that escaped slaves likely took to avoid capture.

Although this film is an extraordinary work, I feel that the name of the film should be different. The reason is that this movie focuses more on the escape of Harriet Tubman and is not engaged with the story of her life. This film features Harriet as a live-action heroine who rescues dozens of slaves. After watching the movie, I decided that I needed a lot more information to know if some parts of the movie were real or made up. Based on what I have learned from documentaries and history books, I can agree that some parts of the film were fiction. In my opinion, this movie should have been called The Underground Railroad because so much of the movie is devoted to Harriet's attempts to save family members from her. Movies like Harriet, Lincoln, and Hidden Figures deserve recognition because they educate viewers. There may be some flaws with the movie, but the message is still getting across. According to an article by Scott Mendelson, "Harriet is a good story, well told and beautifully acted in the finery of traditional Hollywood biographical finery, with a clear attention to detail that makes it more than just a Mad Libs drama" based on a true life story. based." ."

The cast of this movie deserves a standing ovation for their excellent work. In my opinion, this movie deserves a Best Picture Oscar and Cynthia Erivo deserves a Best Actress Oscar. Cynthia Erivo has wrapped and woven her very essence into this role to present a compelling portrayal of one of America's greatest heroes. According to an article by IndieWire's Anne Thompson, she notes that "Casting directors have long seen Broadway's Erivo as a rising star, and he's already taken home a Tony, an Emmy and a Grammy for his performance as The Color". purple." She is now eligible for an Oscar for her role as Harriet Tubman. There are many other slave movies that are excellent and worthwhile, but none I've seen compares to Harriet. I like how they included a fictional character named Bigger Longer who never he had been mentioned in the story before.Perhaps the director wanted to portray this archetypal black traitor of history who has always sided with white interests to prevent black advancement.

In short, there are many Harriet Tubman movies out there, but the newly released movie is phenomenal in my opinion. This movie contained some of the most memorable moments from Harriet Tubman's real-life stories. This includes examining her hands in the sunlight as she crosses the Pennsylvania border. According to an article by Kevin Lang, "The real Tubman recalled: 'When I realized I had crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if it was the same person. There was so much glory all over; the sun came out like gold at Through the trees and over the fields and I felt like I was in heaven. In my opinion, any movie based on a true story should get credit. These movies are imported because they allow viewers to escape from reality. When you're engrossed in a movie, you get to become the characters, live their lives, and generally just experience something you'd never be able to otherwise, and it's important to give these movies the awards they deserve because it motivates the people who they work tirelessly to produce these films and be honored for their achievements in fields few people can succeed in. Acting is an art and they deserve to be rewarded for their great talent.

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