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controversial. risky. Red flag.

The ranking is based on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most respectable.

Andwww.freshhomecleancare.comlegal? Unfortunately, the trust score of this website is low to medium. Scam Detector's validator provides an overview of the site and its industry. Let's look at some key dates so you can make up your own mind.

Scam Detector's algorithm gave this company the following rankings:


Let's talk about the reasonswww.freshhomecleancare.comGet this score. In addition to the review, we will show you what you can do if you have already lost money to scams. Review – Scam Detector (3) Review – Scam Detector (4) Review – Scam Detector (5)

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  • Creation date of the domain

    Monday, May 8, 2023 at 00:00

  • Website Popularity

    0 (space)

  • Domain blacklist status

    Not detected by any blacklisting engine

  • HTTPS connection

    valid HTTPS found

  • Proximity to suspicious websites


  • threat profile


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  • Spam-Score


ifwww.freshhomecleancare.comSince they're listed in a fairly popular niche, we tried taking a small snippet of their site to see what we got:

The website is poorly designed and does not contain any elements in the metadata that would help it appear online. As a result, he lost credibility and indicated that his quality was temporarily in question. We will update this information as soon as the backend is improved.

Let's look at the reviewswww.freshhomecleancare.comThe next.


Our analysis showedwww.freshhomecleancare.comThe authority rating is medium to low.39.1.This means the site can be marked ascontroversial. risky. Red flag.

To start the review, we have several reasons39.1Score. The domain name is new in a way, but not only that. Our algorithm produces39.1Result after summarizing 50 factors related to the niche of the website. These items include but are not limited to WHOIS data and some negative comments from social media regarding Tranco's rankings, as well as some of the techniques used to build the site.

Let's go into detail and see what terms are mentioned in the detail section. These items include domain creation date, website popularity, domain blacklist status, HTTPS connections, proximity to suspicious websites, threat profile, phishing profile, malware score, and spam score.

While the first four are self-explanatory, let's break down the last five. The first is "near suspicious sites". what does that mean? This means that via your server, IP address or other online connectionwww.freshhomecleancare.comAffiliation with sites flagged as malicious (range 1-100). The higher the number, the closer it is to these controversial locations. Sometimes website owners don't even know that their website is close to a suspicious website because both websites might be hosted on a platform that is not very secure. However, if the Suspicious Site Proximity score is very high (e.g. over 80), you can be sure that the site is definitely a risk. Not bad if you're under 30.

Still referring to the details section above, the ratings listed under "Threat Profiles", "Phishing Profiles", "Malware" and "Spam" are exactly what they say. These ratings are determined by the risk levels and the website's internal HTML code elements. It is possible that the website contained malware and the owner did not know it (or did not know) and the virus could spread, hence the classification as malware. or the email address used for this company has been reported as spam, hence the spam score.

Looking at these two values, numbers up to 30 are not particularly dangerous, while anything above this limit should be considered a warning sign.

Andwww.freshhomecleancare.coma scam? How would you rate it?

Have you checked out this page? You help other consumers who read this review. Yeswww.freshhomecleancare.coma scam? If you had dealt with these people, how would you rate the site? Let us know about your experience by leaving a comment at the end of this article. Let us know whether you are affiliated with a company or just thinking about doing so.

How to identify suspicious websites

We have good news. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to spot scam sites this year:

How to erase your data from the internet

Unfortunately, like it or not, the internet stores all your personal information. Thats is quite easy. Unscrupulous data brokers don't just collect your phone number, name, and address every time you visit a simple website and accept a cookie, accept their form, or download an app. They sell all of this to third parties who work for billions of industries every year. Well, buyers use your personal information to change your financing terms, spam you, send you targeted ads, and bombard you with telemarketing calls. Scammers use all your data without remorse.

We have good news. Many readers here ask usHow to erase your data from the internetIf you want to completely remove your data from the online world, please contact our official partners:a foreignThis is a legal privacy tool that allows you to officially request deletion of your data on your behalf from a large number of online brokers. successful. If you are interested, please click below. Review – Scam Detector (6)

The service is verified by our staff, valid and reliable. When you join the platform, you get a powerful button to delete your personal information from the internet and enforce existing data protection laws. It only costs $6.49 per month, but it's worth it.

Additional information to consider

It iswww.freshhomecleancare.comThe site has received a low to medium rating from our validators39.1; However, this may change over time. Your industry matters, so we look forward to seeing if your service improves or degrades. However, our goal is to make verification as smooth as possible so that you can protect yourself from online fraud. Please share your thoughts below.

rating ofwww.freshhomecleancare.comit is confidently created from the robust details. However, attention to detail and common sense are required for you in all situations.

How to report a fraudulent website

Wondering how to report a scammer online? either withwww.freshhomecleancare.comWhether or not you can officially report the site in question to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Who are

if you, We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message to info at scam-detector dot com. If you'd like to dispute this review and your site's rating here, we're more than willing to dig a little deeper. However, please be prepared to provide us with solid evidence of your business. That said, introduce yourself first and be transparent. Consumers are smart. They don't trust sites that lack transparency, such as a company, team, or other place of physical presence.

When a domain owner contacts us to dispute a rating, we typically ask them to provide the following details so that we can better consider a rating change:
* Their ecosystem details show they are 100% trustworthy (deed of incorporation, company registration, official records showing website or company name, and nothing else).
* Your profile on LinkedIn and the company's social networks on Facebook.
* If this is the case, some screenshots/testimonials from happy customers (no testimonials on your website), proof of stock, canceled orders as requested;

Therefore, we are happy to update the rating immediately: the more evidence it contains, the higher the ranking. Thank you very much.

How to prevent third parties from tracking your device

Finally, we have two other powerful fraud prevention tools you should know about. We're constantly being asked how we can most effectively stay safe online. After testing various online fraud prevention products, we can safely say that the winner is the winnerSurfhai.Therefore you should get it now:

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How to protect your online browsing and prevent installation of malware

The second most powerful tool to try is the so-calledI keep.Automatically blocks 100x more malicious websites than the competition and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. Our team has tried and tested it.

You can find most of the suspicious websites Guardio blocks by clicking on unknown links in emails, social media scams, pop-ups and ads. ‌Unlike other products that rely solely on blacklists, Guardio's security team has built internal capabilities to improve detection of phishing, shopping scams, tech support scams, crypto scams and more.

Guardio has over 1 million users and while its benefits are affordable (only a few dollars a month), it can cover up to 5 family members. For Scam Detector readers, Guardio offers a 20% discount. You can protect your online browsing and avoid installing malware forever by clicking the button below: Review – Scam Detector (8)

What to do if you lose money to a scam

Have you been the victim of a scam or do you know someone? If you've lost money, we may have good news in the fight against scammers. To help victims of fraud, we can review your case and route it to the right person. We receive inquiries about reputable debt collection agencies on a daily basis. Please fill this outthis formIf you lose more than $1,000. Write down as many details as possible to have a better chance of getting your money back. The process of getting your money back is complicated but potentially rewarding. We would like to review your case; Fill out the form above.

Fraud Prevention Resources

For more information on fraud prevention tips and best practices, see the following educational articles:

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This is an easy way to spot fraud attempts

We end this post with another great resource. Here's another must-see video:


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