Are BMX bikes good for long distances? (All you need to know) (2023)

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Are BMX bikes good for long distances?

No You won't get the best experience on a long-distance BMX bike because it's designed with short wheelbases, lower tires, and a single-gear system. The lower average length and height of this BMX make it efficient for off-road racing and short distance stunts.


Are BMX bikes good for long distances? (All you need to know) (1)

Six reasons why BMX bikes are not suitable for long distances

Single gear system:

On bikes with single speed systems, you only work with one gear. While you do have a braking option, you can't adjust your pedaling like you can on multi-speed bikes. Therefore, it is not suitable for long-distance travel.

Small frame size:

Long distance trips require you to stretch your legs while driving. But this is not possible due to the small size of the frame. And you have to get up after a few minutes of pedaling to pedal at full speed. He cannot walk for long on his feet.

Without suspension:

Non-suspension BMX bikes allow your body to use them as suspension. That becomes a lot of pressure on your body to keep the steering wheel turning during a long-distance drive.

The seats:

The seats on a BMX bike are not designed to be comfortable. Even if you sit down after a while, the experience of long-distance travel will be unbearable.

weak brakes:

BMX bikes do not have front brakes. You cannot apply a parking brake with the only brake available. When you drive long distance or in the city, you will encounter many obstacles and these weak brakes cannot give you instant stopping power.


Due to their construction, BMX bike handlebars are quite strenuous under continuous pedalling. Your hands become numb and your arms stiff after driving for a long time.

What bikes are suitable for long distances?

Six types of bikes that are good for long distances


Hybrid Attacks:

Hybrid bikes are perfect for long-distance riding, as they are as comfortable to ride as a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. You can hold them longer, but you can't rely on their speed.

These offer you the facilities of off-road and road bikes, as well as non-sports activities.

Endurance Road Bikes:

The resistance bike comes with an upright riding position, drop bars, and a weight balancer. These bikes offer long-distance riding comfort and have more features of a racing bike than a regular bike.

Its tires, tilting seat, front and rear luggage racks, and disc brakes make it ideal for long-distance trips.

racing bikes:

This bike was designed for bumpy and bristle roads. It can accompany you both on your short tours and on full-day trips trained with disc brakes. Its versatility allows it to accommodate different widths through its unique interchangeable configuration.

Aventura o Gravelbikes:

These bikes allow you to ride on muddy off-road roads, including dirt, mud, and other obstacles.

They offer better grip, surface tolerance and you can feel comfortable on long trips because they offer more space. If you want to venture out on a rough trail for a long time, then you can go for these bikes.

Cycling cross bikes:

Dirt bikes are becoming more popular because they offer the features of a mountain bike with the productivity of a road bike. Although it has no suspension, it supports you on your day trips with the wide highway tires.

However, you can easily rely on these bikes for a full day ride at high speeds. They are also equipped with additional shelves and space for water bottles.

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes:

With these bikes you can feel good every day on your off-road outings. With the thinnest tire, smooth ride and front suspension, it can handle both flat and rough roads. You can go for these bikes if speed and rough roads are not an issue.

Is the folding bike good for long distances?

There is a misconception that folding bikes are only efficient for short trips. But their excellent portability, light weight, flexibility, and off-road capability make them just as well-suited for longer distances.

You can experience the most comfort and stability on folding bikes because they are built like traditional racing bikes.

They are easy to transport due to their light and small structure, so you can also easily transport them in cars, buses, trains or even folded in a suitcase.


These bikes can even become combative on your rides with just a few tweaks. They can be a good companion on bumpy or bumpy roads, as well as long, adventurous mountain trails.

Can a BMX bike be converted for long distances?

Yes. You can convert a BMX bike for long distancesfollowing a few simple steps.

Six easy steps to convert a BMX bike for long distances

Mount taller tires:

Remove the old bottom tires. Use a hacksaw to unbolt the tires. And put the tires higher. Make sure you can touch the ground with your feet and that you are comfortable. With hard, solid and firm tires you can ride for a whole day.

Multiple Gear System:

Go up one or two more gears on your BMX bike with one gear. This allows you to pedal longer to adjust the gear change.

Increase saddle height:

Make your BMX seat higher according to your proper sitting position. So you can pedal sitting for a long time and avoid the discomfort of standing.

Install the front brake:

Strengthen the brake system by installing front brakes. Now your bike can help you brake harder with the front and rear brakes.

Place a suspension:

Upgrade your BMX bike with a suspension. It takes a lot of pressure off your body and you can pedal for long periods with ease.

Add bottle cage:

You need to stay hydrated during long trips. So add a lightweight cage to the front of your bike to carry a water bottle.

Is a BMX bike suitable for commuting?

You can get around on your BMX bike as long as you cover short distances in urban areas. Due to the small size of the frame, they can make your ride on a busy highway less bumpy. You can even park your bike comfortably on buses or trains.

With its durability and robust build, BMX bikes offer more options for urban or urban commuting. These laid-back bikes are ready to take on your rough rides and city abuse with just a little maintenance. All you have to do is choose the right BMX to buy.

If you choose to ride in the cities, then you should go for BMX bikes as they are good for your sanity and eco-friendly.

Can you ride a BMX on the street?

Although BMX bikes are famous for sports or racing, you can ride them on the road as comfortably as possible. Their smaller frame size, strong stiff frame, chunky tires and easy shifting make them easy to maneuver on the road.

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BMX bikes are smaller than most bicycles, making them easy to ride on the road. The durability and efficiency of these bikes make them strong enough to overcome the obstacles of the busiest roads.

Can you ride a BMX on the sidewalk?

Yes. You can ride a BMX on pavement as it was originally designed for stunts or sports. You can easily place your BMX on the pavement due to its small frame size and lower tires.

Since BMX is low speed, you can get great grip and control your bikes with your rear brakes as long as you are going slow.

However, in some places it is illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk. Therefore, check the traffic regulations in your area before stepping onto the pavement.

Why are BMX bikes so small?

BMX bikes are so small because they are built with a small frame, lower tires, single gear hub, lower height, and shorter length, so riders can easily use them to perform stunts and withstand heavy impacts while riding.

In most races, such as the Olympic Games, riders use BMX bikes to perform powerful jumps in the air. The wheel is only 20 inches which allows the rider to accelerate quickly to high speed and win the race.

Due to this smaller frame size and lighter weight, the BMX freestyle rider will find it very efficient when performing bumping tricks or jumping higher into the air.

How can I make my BMX bike faster?

Over time, your bike tends to move slowly and it becomes difficult to pedal. You can solve this problem by properly maintaining your bike and saving some money!

Five easy steps to make your BMX bike faster

Paso 1:

Lubricate your bike chain with a good quality lubricant to keep it running smoothly. This will save your bike from mechanical inefficiency.

Paso 2:

Lower the front of your bike to ride in an aerodynamic position. Riding in this position can increase your speed by a significant amount when you're out for a rough ride.

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Stage 3:

Before you set off, check your bikes tire pressure and pump air if necessary. A significantly underinflated tire has less drag and may result in a flat tire or slower speed.

Paso 4:

Always clean your bike regularly. Remove mud, dirt, stones or other debris. A clean bike will give you a much smoother and faster ride.

Paso 5:

Make sure your saddle is in the correct position before you ride your bike every day. Depending on the lower or higher saddle position, your bike may be slow.

However, BMX bikes are very popular among most riders due to their rigid, strong and highly durable frame. You can ride a BMX every day in big and crowded cities or even do stunts.

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