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We know that the chemicals and paints used in construction are very dangerous. They, along with dust and other dirt, must be removed immediately so that they do not have a negative impact on the residents of the house. Our team solves all challenges before and after construction with the utmost care and using the latest safety equipment and materials.

Cleaning your facility after renovation takes a lot of skill, so hiring a post-renovation cleaning company is the best choice. Master contract cleaners can consistently sweeten and clean your floors and most furniture surfaces can be kept free of residue. If you hire specialists, make sure they pay special attention to bathrooms, as they are always difficult to maintain. Meeting areas and meeting rooms need to be kept spotlessly clean, so the initial introduction to visitors is key. Paper packaging waste must be disposed of daily. Bathrooms may require more attention.

If you have rugs and floor coverings at home, make sure they are regularly vacuumed and steam cleaned so they don't trigger any adverse reactions. An impeccably perfect home can also increase efficiency and ensure that your attitude towards work improves a lot. Retro windows should also be regularly cleaned, both generally and internally, to fully capture the preferred viewing angle in normal light. Cleaning the inside of the window is not a big deal and only requires detergent and cleaning cloths.

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There are a few different tasks that can be considered an important aspect of any post-renovation cleaning engagement. By the way, the floors may need waxing and cleaning, especially the doors. Mats should always be neat and spaces underneath should be kept clean and dry. Shutters or blinds, if in use, should be cleaned, tidied and lowered sporadically for a normal wash.

Increasingly, organizations are looking to redistribute contractual cleaning obligations, as this awards funds to agents who may otherwise be inactive. A thorough final cleaning is essential to the health and safety of those who live or do business in the new home or facility. Unchecked, construction dust often becomes airborne and can have many negative effects on the respiratory tract and immune system. Contractors, homeowners and construction managers trust Maid Sailors to remove dirt, dust and debris left behind by contractors. We make elbow grease so you can get back to business. By the time we're done, your new building or apartment will be move-in ready.

Why You Need a Post Construction Cleanup in New York

You finally have your dream home or extension you've always wanted. However, you still cannot move out because a final cleaning is required. Good post-construction cleanup involves more than just aesthetics, it involves important safety considerations.

Some of the post construction cleanup will be carried out by the Maid Sailors construction team and it is important that you read your contract beforehand and find out exactly what they will be doing. Even the best final building cleaning by a craftsman will not get your new home ready for occupancy. Some people who build a house try to save money by agreeing to do most of the clean-up work after construction, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, new owners often don't realize how much clutter there is in the workplace and how much cleaning is required. Even with contractors doing most of the work, there is a significant amount of DIY cleanup involved in a project like this. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work, consider hiring professional cleaners to do the job and move you into a spotless new home.

workplace cleaning

If your project is new construction, you don't have to worry about living with the construction, but this isn't usually the case with a renovation. If you live in a home where work gets done, a clean workspace is essential. Make sure your contract includes a clause that the workplace must be kept clean. If workers are not cleaning the site properly, politely ask them to do so. If they refuse or you have to remind them every day, talk to the site manager.

construction dust

Dust and construction aren't exactly perfect together, but they're practically synonymous. Dust is generated during construction. Dust can be found everywhere, even if a room is not close to the construction site. Control dust exposure by hanging plastic sheets over doors leading out of the work area. Make sure you vacuum well every day. Seal all cabinets where food is stored to prevent dust from entering.

While you should check for dust every day when living in a renovation, it's a different story once the project is complete and you're ready to move into your new home or give it a deep clean. Because construction dust is so abundant, it's a good idea to have this cleaning done by certified professionals. You should make sure your home is dust free, not just for cleaning purposes, but also because dust can cause breathing problems.

Os profissionais de limpeza sabem exatamente o que procurar e têm as ferramentas de limpeza certas e soluções de limpeza ecológicas para fazer o trabalho. Sim, você provavelmente pode aspirar muito bem, especialmente se tiver um aspirador de última geração com um filtro HEPA, mas e os pontos difíceis de alcançar? Você realmente quer tentar remover todas as partículas de poeira do lustre da sua sala de jantar ou de outras luminárias a vários metros do chão?

What to expect from post construction cleanup

It is important to know exactly what you are getting with a professional construction cleaning service in New York City. For a new home, the process may involve a few separate steps. For example, before laying the floor, the construction team performs the first internal cleaning, as it is important that the floor is on a clean surface. This type of cleaning can also include vacuuming or dusting nearby surfaces and washing interior windows. Once the necessary items are installed, the rest of the cleaning is usually up to the homeowner or a professional cleaning service. This "pipe cleaning" includes:

  • Complete wall cleaning, including stains and dirt.
  • Cleans moldings, baseboards, windows and door frames
  • Floor cleaning, possibly also waxing.
  • Clean the ceiling, lamps, etc.
  • Cleaning all door areas
  • Duct and vent cleaning

All that cleaning up generates a lot of junk removal. Homeowner or professional cleaners in New York City should have plenty of trash bags handy. After the main cleaning is completed, you can start the final cleaning. In this phase, a deep cleaning of the interior is carried out. This can include:

  • Bathroom cleaning from top to bottom and including all fixtures.
  • Cabinet cleaning, thoroughly cleaning each cabinet and thoroughly vacuuming cabinet tops
  • Closet cleaning and thorough dusting and vacuuming.
  • Cleaning all wood, including cornices and handrails
  • Interior masonry cleaning.
  • Cleaning blinds and blinds
  • Vacuum all upholstery
  • Base and floor detail
  • Removing paint or other deposits from hinges
  • Clean excess caulk from faucets and sinks
  • Cleaning the light switch board
  • Thorough cleaning of equipment, inside and out
  • Complete carpet vacuuming
  • Cleaning ovens, water heaters and other utilities
  • Complete disinfection of the interior

Obviously, as no two properties are alike, not all properties require the same services. Cleaning professionals can tailor their services to your specific needs. Many services also offer a weekly touch-up cleaning, also known as aStandard New York cleaning service, more or less after the final cleaning to remove the dust that has settled on the horizontal surfaces.

external cleaning

It's not just the interior of a house that needs cleaning after construction. The outside must also be considered. Dust and dirt in your garage, porch or patio may require a high pressure wash to get rid of it. There may be enough dirt or dust on the outside walls to require high pressure cleaning as well. Outdoor lights also need to be cleaned of dust and dirt. If a large amount of concrete was used in construction, you should remove any dry excess from exterior walls or other exterior elements. Exterior and garage doors may have footprints, handprints, or scratches.

The exterior may also require dirt removal. Contractors have been known to drop all sorts of rubbish, from cans and bottles to various types of food packaging. The nails around the sidewalk wear out the tires and puncture the shoes of those who walk on the paved areas. Although they are the most common, nails are far from the only sharp objects on a construction site that must be removed before someone gets hurt. Magnetic scanning picks up many of these harmful metallic objects.

Post-construction cleanup time

The time it takes a professional cleaning company in New York City to complete their job depends on a number of factors, but of course the bigger the job, the longer it takes. If you've added a room or two or done some other relatively minor renovation, the whole process can take less than a day. If it's a new house, cleaning can take several days. They want to coordinate with construction crews and cleaning professionals so they can start where the first ones leave off. This also allows you to inspect your property so you can discuss it.Maid Sailors Reinigerto receive. You don't want to pay janitors to do tasks the construction crew should have done.

What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service in New York City

When looking for a post-renovation cleaning service, it's important to do your research and ask the right questions. Of course, you should check the company's website for reviews. Keep in mind that people are more likely to give you a bad review than a good one, and a few less-than-great reviews might not be a deal breaker. For example, if an owner complains that the service took an hour, that's not a good thing, but traffic and other reasons may have made it particularly difficult to be on time that day. If the complaint is that they didn't do a good job, that's another story.

Find out what types of cleaning supplies the service uses, because you don't want harsh chemicals used in your new home unless absolutely necessary. Look for companies that use environmentally friendly materials. Does the company use the latest types of equipment and technologies to provide its services, such as B. commercial air purifiers? Do they guarantee their work? Are they fully licensed and insured? If it's carpet or upholstery cleaning, do you have a certified fabric technician who knows how to properly clean each item? If you have special floors or furniture in your home, such as B. Granite or Italian marble, does the company know how to clean them? You don't want to hire an overnight flight company without the right license and insurance in case problems arise.

When making your decision, ask Maid Sailors NYC Post-Renovation Cleaning Service for a list of recent clients to contact for feedback. Of course, no one will give you the contact details of an unhappy customer, but by asking the right questions, you can get a better picture of the quality of the company's work. Have him get contact information for clients who have a property similar to yours so you can compare apples to apples. When contacting the client, ask not only about the quality of the work, but also whether it was done on time and whether the person had any problems. When problems arose, where were they quickly resolved? Ask if there's anything the service did or didn't do that they would like to see handled differently. Please request a rating on a scale of 1-10.

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